Inaugurated in Albox an English library


Last weekend members of the English colony currently living in Albox along with Mayor Francisco Torrecillas, They attended the opening of the ENGLISH LIBRARY which it is located in the building that for years hosted the Municipal Public Library 'Juan Berbel' and who has been assigned by the council albojense for this new center.

The British Library is working through the Association ‘Almanzora Group of Friends’, formed by two hundred sixty members, all English residents of the municipality of Albox, one day chose to leave English lands to live in Spain.

Opening hours is 10:00 a 13:00 hours Monday through Friday, It is the first Saturday of each month and with the same schedule, the day of open doors, where besides enjoying good reading you can sample cuisine English.

A library staffed entirely by volunteers from the association ‘Almanzora Group of Friends’ and you can access any neighbor Albox, or speak English.

In addition to books you can be found CDs, Movie DVDs, puzzles and games all related to the English-speaking.

One of the activities the association intends ‘Almanzora Group of Friends’ with the launch of the British Library, It is to inform the English language mainly smaller municipality, so they want to take students of primary CEIP 'Virgen del Saliente' and CEIP 'Velázquez' to do what they traditionally call in England ‘STORY HOW’, It is consisting of reading a book in English with subsequent comment by involving younger, yes, always speaking in English under the supervision of library volunteers and teachers of this subject at both schools. This activity will complement the subject taught English at both centers.