Inauguration of the refurbishment and expansion of the Plant Recovery and Composting Albox.

The new landfill body allowed to continue serving the 45 villages in the region of Almanzora, Lift and Los Vélez.

The Almanzora Consortium, Levant, Velez at its plant in Recovery and Composting Service Collection and Treatment of Urban Solid Waste, officially open this coming Wednesday the refurbishment and extension carried out in the plant located in Albox, worth almost 5 million. The inauguration will be the President of the Provincial Council of Almería Gabriel Amat Ayllon, and President of the Consortium, Antonio Martínez Pascual, Mayor of Rio Olula.

A compromised by Ferrovial Servicios SA Spain investment. Consortium in Almanzora, Levant, Vélez, which includes the construction of a shed, rehabilitation of the separate input and change the scale, a utility truck and undoubtedly, the most important and necessary work for the residents of the counties of Almanzora, Lift and Vélez, such as the construction of the new landfill body and a new leachate pond, allowing arrive on time and to serve the 45 Consortium member districts, despite the delay caused in the process of obtaining planning permission by HE. Albox Town Hall.

This investment work degassing Plant Solid Waste adds, realized thanks to the collaboration of HE. Council of Almería, under the Cross-Border Cooperation project for reducing pollution in landfills, by the Council of Malaga, called RECONVER.

Thus, and thanks to the good relationship that the Consortium has with the concessionaire and the provincial government, has been made to undertake urgent and necessary works for the collection, waste disposal and treatment. Good relationships are based on mutual trust, since the current management of the Consortium, with all his team of professionals and the necessary cooperation of all municipalities that make up the Consortium, has reduced debt with the concessionaire, that in three years has grown from 16 million to 7, and improved service across the territory covered by the Consortium for greater attention to our citizens who are our reason for being and that we are required to improve.