Man charged with animal abuse who tried attacking a referee throwing a dog from the stands.

The Civil Guard has accused an alleged crime of animal abuse a neighbor Olula River (Almería) that in the course of a football game preferred category of youth tried to attack the referee from the sidelines throwing the dog owned by another spectator.

Command sources have confirmed that with the measures that have been delivered to the judge, has brought him a record by an administrative infringement of the Law against Violence in Sport.

The incident occurred on Sunday during a meeting between the Shire of Marble and Atlético La Cañada in the 'Juan José Rodríguez’ Olula River.

Near the end of the match, The ref “went to the area” ower to warn members of the visiting team and, then, the accused took the dog of one of the fans and threw from the stands.

El animal, who fell from a height of about two meters without reaching impact with the team, remained “sore and dazed” while his own “pounced” on the alleged perpetrator and a struggle began, so it took the intervention of the Civil Guard to dissolve the tumult.

(Europa Press)