Impulse four social action projects in Almería


The call 2015 Aid Program Projects Social Initiatives selected proposals A Toda Vela, The Ledge, Alba Association and Association for Prevention 'A Time'.

Four projects led by Almeria groups have been selected in the call 2015 Aid Program Projects Social Initiatives, with which the Social Work `the Caixa', Cajasol Foundation and the Andalusian driving care and support to vulnerable groups in the autonomous community. The Government delegate of the Board in Almería, Grace Fernandez presided today, with the directors of CaixaBank Business Area, Jesus Vega and Antonio Garcia, the signing of the selected agreements, which will involve an overall aid 82.880 euros.

Aid Program Projects Social Initiatives is a call for regional, which aims to support initiatives focused on improving the quality of life of the Andalusian and to strengthen programs to cover gaps particularly acute in the current economic climate.

The Call 2015 covers five areas of action: disability and dependence; labor integration; poverty and social exclusion; social action and multiculturalism; and temporary housing resources.

During the presentation of the selected projects in Almería, Grace Fernandez recalled that "the collaboration of public administrations, private organizations and citizen groups is vital to combat social exclusion situations, unfortunately you have been exacerbated by the economic crisis that still live ". Fernandez thanked the "la Caixa" Welfare Foundation and Cajasol "his collaboration with the Government of Andalusia and its sensitivity to bet on social initiatives such as the four selected partnerships in our province will launch thanks to the aid We presented today ".

Equally, the delegate of the Government has recognized "the extraordinary work that the associations held in Almería, in areas as diverse as the fight against social exclusion, supporting people with disabilities and the integration of the foreign population. Associations such as those now attend this event and many others across the province are an essential support for public administrations ".

Almeria Initiatives

A Toda Vela Association arose ago 17 years in response to the expressed needs of children and youth with intellectual disabilities in the province, which they did not enjoy a decent and freely chosen leisure during periods of the day when they were not in their schools, occupational centers, etc.. In response to this need, a group of mothers and professionals, who shared his life with these people, They designed a Service Inclusive Leisure in Almería, widely supported and has now served as a model FEAPS and other associations at national and international level. This group will receive 18.000 euros to fund this project inclusive leisure, including sports activities, cultural or tourist.

'The Ledge' is an organization which aims to global social integration of people with disabilities. This group was born in Albox 1988, with a clear objective: changing minds, overcome stereotypes about disability, in a very different society today. His main task of intervention is done with persons with disabilities severely affected, but also it serves other groups such as older people, children and families and children in vulnerable situations. The call 2015, this partnership will 18.700 euros for the project "Hands full of illusion ', which it aims to facilitate the employment of people with disabilities.

For his part, Alba Association was established in the year 2012, within the National Association Proyecto Hombre, to help people with problems of any kind of addiction, through comprehensive care. In their 13 years of existence has managed to adapt to the social reality, offering prevention and rehabilitation programs and receiving numerous awards and citations that have endorsed his career. This group will 24.000 euros for the implementation of Juve Programme ', aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles and addiction prevention.

The Association for the Prevention 'A Time' was created in 1999 by a group of mothers of Almeria neighborhood of Los Angeles, concerned about the increase in drug use at an early age, absenteeism and early school leaving and increasing violence among children. To meet these social challenges, This association promotes healthy lifestyles, educating in values ​​and developing the potential in the shortest. In the call 2015 Aid Program Projects Social Initiatives, 'A Time' will receive 22.180 euros for a socio-educational project for integrated and intercultural education of children at risk of exclusion and their families partner.