III edition music series "Solos" in Albox.

On Saturday 6 Francisco Carrillo September, Councillor for Culture of the City of Albox, presented the third edition of the Musical "Solos", that began with the acoustic concert July jienense Demon, which continued to a jam session where musicians from the region participated as Andrés Campoy, Michel Latorre, Soul Mash and other friends.

This third edition, which takes place between the months of September and October, program four performances. The first concert, the 19 September is, by Manolo Bertran and Antonio Chumillas, acoustic format of the Valencian group Divago Doctor. The 26 September will participate, Valencia also a musician and singer, Manolo Tarancón. In the third round, scheduled for 10 October, music will have the Luke Madrid "Pez Wizard". The cycle ending 17 October with a performance by musician and poet Rafael Berrio donostiarra.

In each of the scheduled appointments, and the presentation of the same, will perform in local acoustic musicians under the names of "Low Back Pain", “León Brown y Juanito Verjas”, “Jose y yo” y “Steve Lee Jagger”.

The Cycle of Music "Alone" is a cultural and altruistic project, who turns three, promoted by the Cultural Department of the City of Albox and birdbrains Productions for approach and promotion of music in a more intimate format to the general public, and has the sound of Juanvi Aznar and collaboration Pittassound Prom, Musicalia Radio, A. Campoy and Council of Almería, and twenty companies and individuals who financially support the making of this music series.

All concerts will take place at 22:00 hours in the Auditorium Federico García Lorca Hall of Albox. The price of admission for each concert is 2 euros and bonus for four appointments 5 euros. You can read the number 663732899 him through the social networking www.facebook.com/ciclosolosciclosolos.