III Course Realism and Figuration in the Museo Casa Ibáñez.

All set in the Museo Casa Ibáñez for the inauguration to be held on 12 May. The workshop will close on 16 May at a public event, after which the book will be launched, biographical court, “Antonio López. Works from Museo Casa Ibáñez”.

After completing the selection process and enrollment of 36 Selected participants, artists who after low, for professional reasons, Rafael Bestard (Palma de Mallorca) Angel has joined R. Álvarez de Benito (Leon), you're all prepared in the Museo Casa del Río Ibáñez Olula to host, for the third year, Course Realism and Figuration for painters, organized by the Museo Casa Ibáñez Foundation sponsored by the Council of Almería and collaboration Cosentino SA.

It will be next Monday, 12 May, starting at 10 in the morning when the starting signal is given to this important cultural and artistic quotes. Thereafter the room 14 the olulense gallery will be transformed into a makeshift workshop in which large, for five intense days, the 36 artists, of different nationalities, will share experiences and lessons with Antonio López (Tomelloso, 1936) and Andrés García Ibáñez (Olula River, 1971).

After the official opening ceremony of the workshop, ceremony held by Rep. Culture HE. Council of Almería, María Vázquez Agüero, who accompanied the mayor of Rio Olula, Antonio Martínez Pascual, the President of the Association of Municipalities of Valle del Almanzora, Antonio Ramón Salas, and a representative of the company Cosentino, the 36 artists who have been selected, from over 100 Applicants, they begin to receive tips and Antonio López García Ibáñez, and start to do the exercises in painting from life given by teachers: still life and nude.

Some exercises that develop for five days in morning sessions (of 10 a 14 hours) and later (of 17 a 20 hours), and shall be as, after the workshop ended, evaluate teachers to decide which of them remain in funds Museo Casa Ibáñez as a testimony of this "III Course of realism and figuration for painters".

Precisely during the official closing ceremony of the course, open to the public event will be held on 16 May from the 19:30 hours, it will release, after the mandatory presentation of certificates to participants in the course, exercise and selected by Antonio López García Ibáñez.

As a finishing these five days of intense ttrabajo, during which becomes Almería, for the third year, national benchmark of Figuration and Realism, Antonio López book will be presented. Works from Museo Casa Ibáñez. A monographic publication, written by Juan Manuel Martin Robles-Doctor in Art History, Ibáñez House Museum director and coordinator of the courses Realism and Figuration, and co-published by the Museo Casa Ibáñez and Almeria Studies Institute Foundation (IEA), in which, together with the analysis of the eight works of Antonio López Almeria cultural institution that preserves and exhibits in its collection, the reader will have a chance to tour, every year, the biography of the master of contemporary realism.

With the conclusion of the third edition of this course in the Museo Casa Ibáñez, Olula River (Almería) has become one of the four cities, with Albacete, Pamplona and Avila-you, year in year out, Antonio Lopez imparts his teaching, shared in this particular case with Ibanez, through workshops for painters.