Huércal Overa office already has to deal ID and Passport

Image of the new facilities.

Image of the new facilities.

The municipality of Huércal-Overa adds another service with the opening of the office of Immigration and Documentation Unit, in order to bring citizens of the regions of Levante, Almanzora and Los Vélez offices issuing personal documents.

A new office located adjacent to the Headquarters of the local police in those already served by the new office of the National Police Documentation, in fact it has already been several neighbors who this morning have been able to renew or issue their identity cards.

Mayor, Domingo Fernández, Provincial Commissioner of the National Police Almería, Adolfo Castaño, Lieutenant Mayor, Monica Navarro, and Sen. Maribel Sánchez, have verified the start of service in this new office is undoubtedly a reference to neighboring districts.

The facilities are located in a strategic location with direct access from the highway, "Thinking of the citizens of the different regions, to have easy access, thinking of a real service to more than 180.000 citizens of different nations to come up Huércal-Overa issued and renew their documents”, said Mayor Domingo Fernández, who noted that "today is a highlight for our people and for the entire northern part of Almería day as the opening of this office facilitate and improve the quality of life of all citizens that these shifts will save almost 200 kilometers to the capital which usually did, saving time and cost”.

This opening is a sign that "the partnership between administrations has a direct impact on improving the quality of citizens”.

During this first week will be addressed in 09:30 a 13:30h without appointment, from next Monday will make an appointment on the web If you need more information you can contact directly with the Office of the National Police on the phone 950 134900 extension 104.

Office documents for Spanish and foreign has three positions to the public, waiting area and two internal offices. Having separate entrance at the headquarters of the Local Police, attending every working day 09:00 a 14:00h.