Huércal Overa renews its tourist image

Mayor and Councilor posing before the new tourist image.

Mayor and Councilor posing before the new tourist image.

The municipality of Huércal-Overa renews the tourist image of it with the installation of new totems at the entrances of the village and in strategic places where every day thousands of people pass, places that are frequented by tourists and visitors and that from now on are adorned with images of the main attractions of the municipality.

Mayor, Domingo Fernández, and the Councilor for Tourism, Monica Navarro, They have checked how the new image has been after the installation work.

Fernández pointed out that Huércal-Overa is an attractive municipality that has many reasons to visit it, From the tourism area an important work is being carried out not only to make our municipality that reference but also working on the internal and external image. Our Holy Week is well known to all but we have resources that make Huércal-Overa an ideal place to visit at any time of the year: monuments, sport, culture, nature and leisure are just some of the reasons to visit us ".

The renewal of the totems that were in a deteriorated state are only the beginning of the new tourist image that we want for our people "we promote an improvement of the signage that will reach various public spaces"

The new totems have images that are already tourist symbols of the municipality such as the Tree of Life, Castle, the Church or the monument to Holy Week.