Huércal-Overa historical data on population registers, reaching nearly 20.000 people

The municipality of Huércal-Overa continues the trend of increase in population in recent years, and data to date in the municipal census recorded a total of 19.633 people, having gender equality, the total of 9.812 men 9.821 women. Increase contrasts with the official data from the National Statistics Institute, the latest official to date 31 January 2018 placed population 18.816, population continues to grow this year.

Registered figures place the population with the highest figure in history, being very close to the 20.000 inhabitants "which would be a major leap for the municipality", said the Mayor, Domingo Fernández who emphasized that "the City Council we are carrying out to all the people who actually live in our municipality are registered in the voter registration campaign, campaign that began a few years ago and is having very good results as the data reflect, annually increasingly being inhabitants of our town ".

As curious data that fits over desatacar 100 years there 5 people in the township, 2 men 3 women. More women than men in the interval 75 a 100 years old, being 957 versus 689, respectively, Virtually equal interval 50-75 with 2.747 men 2.742 women. In children and young people by gender are located 2.746 male and 2.665 the female 0 a 25 years old, being 3.628 men and 3.454 women for the interval 25-50.

As for foreign data, There are a total of 3.830, country of origin is Morocco's first followed by the UK, Romania and Bulgaria.

Within the voter registration campaign all those new registrants receive a small welcome gift to the municipality, championed by The Tree of Life.