Huércal Overa Fomento ask the 1,5% Cultural for Castillo

The castle was recently intervened to its value.

The castle was recently intervened to its value.

The City of Huércal-Overa intends to finance the rehabilitation and continue the enhancement of huercalense Castle through the program 1,5% Cultural Ministry of Public Works. The consistory has prepared a feasibility study and plan in which it is established that the proposal is consistent with the planning regulations in force.

The total general budget as reflected in the project totals 492.527,67 € euros. In the event the City Council huercalense get state aid, covering a 75% of the project, would have to provide the 123.131,75 € corresponding to 25% remainder.

The huercalense Castillo is a BIC (Cultural Interest) and has since 1985 with the highest level of protection of the building, so the intention of the City Council is to modify as little as possible and respect their ornamentation.

The importance of fortification is given as an example of the type of border architecture period nazarí.

References to Huércal offered by Arab authors are very slim. Just al-Hit, in the eleventh century, He states that in emiral Caliphate era and the town was included in the Cora Tudmir. It was conquered in the campaign 1488, this fact collected appearing on the list of places that rey don Fernando sent to Pope Innocent VIII, after taking Vera. Delivery scene is reflected in one of the thirteen boards choir of the Cathedral of Toledo dedicated to almerienses populations, carved by Rodrigo Alemán custom of Cardinal Mendoza.

The archaeological findings of previous campaigns have only change the perception they had of being a watchtower, a frontline bastion fortification in the natural route between Lorca and Vera, one of the most neglected sectors in historiography and the archaeological investigations concerning this period andalusí domain. Thus, This is a place that has great scientific interest and can change, more so, understanding the border Nazari.

The whole Huércal-Overa Castle requires the coordinated work of an interdisciplinary team of archaeologists, architects and restorers. The intervention, in case of obtaining state aid, is vertebraría in 3 phase: archaeological excavation, restoration of archaeological property and value.

Restoration primarily has a preventive character and structure consolidation, that would didactic supported solutions that brings the site to the general public. It arises therefore creating an itinerary that allows one or more tours of the various areas of the site that are of interest. They would be disposed of explanatory panels dealing with general life in the Nazari kingdom during the Middle Ages, accompanied by more specific to explain the function of spaces and structures of the castle. Recreations oriented would illustrate the daily life of the place.

This project would add another tourist attraction to the whole Castillo, after the discovery of the Tree of Life, one of the most important discoveries that occurred during archaeological monitoring work on the occasion of the last restoration. Located in one wall of the third floor is a decorative element called Hom or 'tree of life', a pattern made by interlocking geometric designs and is one of the features of the universe iconographic representations according Islamic philosophy, where the center is Allah, from where all life, twisting away from him and the vain object to return to it. This representation has a long mythical tradition, religious and symbolic and iconographic, dating back to the most primitive cultures and extends to all peoples. The Tree of Life discovered in Huércal-Overa is one of the few examples in a fortress decorative documented in the Iberian Peninsula this time. And that has been welcomed by the citizens huercalenses representative image of the town.

In the words of Mayor, Domingo Fernández: "It is certainly an ambitious project and follows the line marked convert the whole castle into a tourist point of reference not only for Huércal-Overa, but for the entire province. We believe that tourism is a vital source of wealth to keep growing, and we continue to work on the enhancement of our heritage ". For his part, Monica Navarro, Councilor for Tourism and Trade added that "since our entrance to the City Council have set a line of work in which tourism is a cornerstone in Huércal-Overa projection, this project is a step that is added to the various municipal initiatives that have been carried out and to promote huercalense attraction "