Huercal-Overa have a municipal waste collection point.

The Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning has brought to public tender, for a total of 3,8 million works, for the construction of eight clean pickup of solid waste in two Andalusian towns. Specifically, these facilities will be built in the towns of Huercal-Overa, in the province of Almería; Alcalá de Los Azules and Tarifa, Cadiz; Doña Mencia, Cordoba; Albolote, in Granada; Bonares, in Huelva; and Aznalcóllar and San José de la Rinconada, Seville. These recycling centers will benefit a population of 115.750 people, generating annually around 18.103 tons of specific residues.

With this initiative, that will generate 14.600 wages, the Andalusian aims to equip these localities of adequate infrastructure for the management of municipal waste.

Clean Points are places conveniently equipped for the reception and storage of household waste produced by individuals and should not be deposited in the usual containers on public roads. Selective and facilities are equipped with separate collection vials, loading and unloading areas, specific containers and perimeter fence.

Specifically, clean points will be installed in these eight Andalusian municipalities are prepared to receive waste from waste oils, batteries, material photography and radiographs, furniture and wood, debris, electrical and electronic equipment, fluorescent, textiles, inter alia. The construction of these infrastructures, that fall within the Territorial Director Waste Management Plan Hazardous No Andalucía, is funded in part with funds and Cohesion Funds Feder.

Clean Points

The collection points are key elements for the development of the regulations governing the management of equipment and waste electrical and electronic. By this arrangement the Board aims to promote selective collection, encourage the creation of groups and intensify management authorized the construction of infrastructure for treatment.

Community legislation imposes an obligation to properly treat the waste to members, so the implementation of facilities for treatment or recovery of reusable products is necessary; well as clean points, transfer plants and fitness centers.

For his part, autonomic Management Act Environmental Quality's priority is the reduction of waste production at source, reuse and recycling. The final destination of the waste should strive for recovery, promoting the recovery of materials and depositing waste in landfills when no other viable alternatives. According to this standard autonomic, Municipalities must have collection points for waste collection from households.