Huércal Overa approves measures to retrieve the Historic Center

The full City Council has approved Huércal-Overa in the last regular session of the year, held this morning, the request for early transfer of the Four Towers Building, one of the emblematic buildings of the municipality in which, since many years, It has not made any intervention for maintenance so it is taking a gradual deterioration of the. One can say that the building is abandoned to their fate, and this is none other than his own self-destruction. The building is described in the PGOU as equipment being included in the EU-13 Unit Running since 2007 with obligation to transfer the area designated as equipment, where is the building itself and has not occurred by owners lis intention of developing it conducive to obtaining.

Mayor, Domingo Fernández, He explained that "this building is at the heart of all huercalenses, what we do is to restore this building with a request for early transfer to owners that the City can undertake rehabilitation and no further deterioration. For each euro spent in the Cuatro Torres is for recovery and not as has happened in years ago with expropriations that failed to conclude and judgments. The town of Huércal-Overa takes many euros spent on the Four Towers and as of today is not municipal heritage, so our intention is to end this situation and especially rehabilitate ". Also in full agreement the beginning of the procedure is contemplated for this building is declared of Cultural Interest (BIC). Agreement has been supported by the Popular Party and the Socialist Party, with the abstention of Citizens.

In Parliament it has also given the green light to bonuses ICIO, for works, facilities and buildings in the historic center "our interest is to revitalize the historic center and so we will reclaim the works and refurbishments carried out in the same with up to 95% in construction tax ", Fernandez said. Point which achieves unanimity of the council members present.

This session has taken a step in the access road to the Hospital with the approval of several expropriation agreements and an agreement with owners, with the favorable vote of popular abstention of the Socialist councilors and voting against Citizens.