Huércal-Overa hosts the exhibition Ginés Parra-Doroteo Arnaiz "Two masters of the School of Paris"


Villa Huercal-Overa Theatre hosts until next 18 March Ginés Parra-exposure Doroteo Arnaiz "Two masters of the School of Paris". A sample of a total of 32 paintings to which we must add two photographs of artists. A unique opportunity to enjoy the work of these two great Spanish representatives of the Paris school.

Mayor, Domingo Fernández, Councilman Culture, Antonio Lazaro, the artist Doroteo Arnaiz, and curator Pedro Segura, they opened the exhibition at an event which was attended by a large group of neighbors.

The Mayor stressed that this is "a great opportunity to enjoy our theater exhibition, probably one of the most outstanding. This shows a challenge that was launched from the Department of Culture and for which I must congratulate our council met, not only for the great work done in the exhibition but which has been carried out for the catalog of the same, some examples where we can learn more about these two artist, our countryman Ginés Parra and Doroteo who is also part of our land and who spends long stays here ".

The mayor of Culture showed the pride to have "work of Ginés Parra here and his friend Doroteo, two people who lived together art and which makes this recognition for the first time in this joint exhibition ". Lazarus also had words of thanks for the Ibáñez Foundation for help in making the catalog for the exhibition's curator "has really got a great job".

Pedro Segura was precisely who spoke of the huercalenses Parra estate since his father was the town, "It's time to join the work of these two masters of the School of Paris that life could not see fulfilled their desire to exhibit together". Segura forward very good news is that "a file will be published with the work of Parra, Doroteo personally for it has moved to Paris to develop the photographic archive ".

The artist Doroteo Arnaiz was very excited during the ceremony and personally was chatting with attendees about the work exhibited.