Found five grenades Civil War in the reform of a farmhouse in Cantoria


Agents of the Civil Guard Group Explosives Deactivation (Gedex) the Commander of Almeria have taken over five hand grenades, two of them of Russian origin and three of Polish origin, all used during the Civil War.

The artifacts were found inside the wall of a farmhouse located in the municipality of Cantoria (Almería) by the owner of the same during the rehabilitation and reform underway in the building, so he notified immediately to the Civil Guard.

To place the technical staff moved Gedex who took charge of the grenades for disablement and subsequent destruction of controlled.

Inquiries from agents of the Guardia Civil has been determined that five grenades located dating from the Civil War, It is two of them Russian defensive grenades and three grenades of Polish origin. Civil Guard advises against any manipulation by the discovery of such objects.