Guadalinfo center Seron.
Guadalinfo center Seron.

The network of Guadalinfo, driven by the Andalusian and Andalusian councils in collaboration with municipalities and social entities and managed by the Consortium Fernando de los Rios, He has launched a campaign to increase the visibility of rural women on the occasion of 15 October, Day of Rural Women. All week long, since last Monday 10 October, It is being carried out in schools and in social networks campaign #MujerRuralTIC, with which Guadalinfo puts the focus on the huge number of female users, partner and network professionals Andalusian social innovation using ICT to improve their lives and those who are around.

The content and campaign messages intended to read, see and recognize these women as well as encouraging new users to opt for e-inclusion and equal access to the opportunities presented by society 2.0. The campaign can be followed on social networks with the hashtag #mujerRuralTIC.

The 51,2% of users are women Guadalinfo in Almería

The 92% Guadalinfo centers of Andalusia requested in the existing order of incentives 2016 is in municipalities with less than 20.000 people (689) and (27) Entidades Locales Autónomas. Las mujeres suponen el 50% of users of this network access to information and communications technology (the 49,80%), figure rises to 50,77% in the case of CAPIS (located in areas of higher population to 20.000 people). In the case of the province of Almería, the percentage of female users of the centers amounts to Guadalinfo 51,17%.

The centers provide ICT services and training in digital skills, They advise on the implementation of ICT projects of its members and promote collective social revitalization initiatives, Community awareness and promotion of the environment. All this activity pursues objectives of employability, digital literacy, promoting innovative culture, citizen participation, Improving the quality of life, venture, Business digitization and eGovernment.

Above 1.000 activities for women in Almería

About 35.000 Andalusian women have enrolled in one or more of these activities between January and September 2016. In the province of Almeria they were enrolled 4.257 women. During that period also, Guadalinfo centers are scheduled to 8.000 activities specifically aimed at women, (1.008 Almeria).

The interest of rural women in the safe and critical use of technology information society for work, leisure and communication, I also certify more than 42.000 self-assessments by women in self-diagnostic tool in digital skills portal Andalusia is Digital ( driven by Department of Employment, Business and Trade of Andalusian, which you are accessed with the user Guadalinfo). A través de esta herramienta la persona puede conocer su nivel de competencia digital para mejorar su formación a través de un itinerario formativo en los centros de la red o a través de su plataforma de e-learning.

The Guadalinfo Network includes on its website a space for people with innovative ideas can work them up into viable projects (business or) in a phased schedule during which they receive information, training, advice, apoyo y guía de mentores y expertos. Quince empresarias ofrecen sus servicios como mentoras en este programa de innovación ( where now mature and work 126 ideas, 28 of them promoted by women.