IAM Guadalinfo and advances the video about 'good deals' to prevent gender violence


The territorial delegate of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, Miguel Angel Lopez Tortosa, and the provincial coordinator of the Andalusian Institute for Women, Francisca Serrano, today presented the lines of cooperation that both institutions have agreed to undertake to sensitize rural citizens on equal opportunities and gender violence through Guadalinfo centers.

The agreed actions will include the training of local agents Guadalinfo innovation network on equality, gender-based violence prevention and resources of AMI, and conducting a video to mark World Day Against Gender Violence, next 25 November, in which users participate centers, and will have a positive approach, proposing the theme of 'good deals'.

The training of local agents Guadalinfo innovation takes place within one working day of the next network 27 October at the Science and Technology Park of Almeria (PITA), and it will be carried out by techniques Andalusian Women's Institute, which will expand the gender of the actors to, turn, they can transmit it in their daily work with users of the centers.

Both Francisca Serrano and Miguel Angel Tortosa concurred on the importance of bringing the population of the municipalities within the services of the Andalusian Institute for Women and for further progress in the joint work of coordination and collaboration between the IAM and the Territorial Delegation Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment for the benefit of society.

For the territorial delegate of Economy, "The common denominator of their work both organizations is a firm commitment to equality, on the one hand the real equality between women and men, the other also equal opportunities among all the Andalusian, wherever they live and whatever their sex, age or socioeconomic status, access to new information and communications technology ". In this sense, He stressed the commitment of the Board to maintaining order Guadalinfo with incentives published in July this year and a budget of 665.000 euros, and the expected new orders for January 2016, which will continue the network two years, in addition to the renewal of computer equipment centers 5,5 million investment in Andalusia.

Also, Miguel Angel Tortosa recalled other campaigns which has recently joined the network, as the Week of Occupational Risks, to be held in October, in collaboration with the Consortium of Fire Almeria Poniente and Levante, eplace or the European project developed by the Consortium Fernando de los Rios, managing body of the network Guadalinfo, Energy Efficiency.

For his part, the provincial coordinator of the Andalusian Institute for Women, Francisca Serrano, He said that "the aim of this initiative is that agents of Guadalinfo centers join the citizen network against gender violence. They are in contact with young people, with her parents, with the elderly, etc.. and can help in spreading messages against gender violence and discrimination against women in any sphere ". "At the same time", has added, "Through their work they can also detect cases of violence in their environment, where they can refer sufferers to existing resources to their attention ".

For Francisca Serrano, "It is important that local innovation agents incorporate gender perspective in the training activities developed to strengthen the transmission of egalitarian values ​​that help us to banish forever the sexist stereotypes that perpetuate gender violence today". In the words of the coordinator of the Andalusian Institute for Women in Almería, "Remember that the study detects, by AMI, the 65% of adolescents between 14 and 16 years presented sexism, with statements such as 'it is normal that the man protecting women' (60%), that 'anyone like women to raise their children' (45%) or 'jealousy is a proof of love' (51%)”.

Red Guadalinfo Almeria

Tortosa Lopez recalled that "the network Guadalinfo, we drive from the Andalusian ago 12 years in collaboration with councils, municipalities and social entities, It has become a speaker of ideas and awareness campaigns, and also a window to the world for many people living in our inland villages and have, a priori, more difficult access to the opportunities offered by the Information Society for knowledge, the job, health and equality "

Guadalinfo has 92 centers in the province of Almería, implemented in municipalities with less than 20.000 people, además de ocho Centros de Acceso Público a Internet (Head), situados en zonas urbanas con riesgo de exclusión social de la capital almeriense, El Ejido and Nijar. Account in our province with almost 100.000 users and show reaches 3 each 10 residents of smaller municipalities.