Guadalinfo and AMI together to extend equal opportunities.

IAM techniques form in the use of social networks in a workshop taught by facilitators of the network Guadalinfo.

Extend equal opportunity, both in the field of gender and access to new technologies of information and communication: is the common denominator of working together that perform network Guadalinfo Almería, promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, and the Andalusian Institute for Women (NOW), belonging to the Ministry of Equality, Health and Social Policy.

As part of this collaboration has been developing several activities that promote mutual understanding of the resources of both institutions and the emergence of synergies to enhance the work being done both in the field of equal opportunities. One of those activities is the training workshop that took place today at the provincial headquarters of AMI in which the facilitators of Guadalinfo Purchena centers and Armunya Almanzora have shown AMI staff how to use social networks to disseminate programs and awareness campaigns on sexuality, prevention of GBV, empowerment of women in political life, cultural and social and business entrepreneurship.

The workshop was jointly inaugurated by the territorial delegate of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, Adriana Valverde, and provincial coordinator of the IAM, Francisca Serrano. Adriana Valverde has been directed to remind the participants that both agencies Andalusian "have been working together for some time in order to mutually enhance their work on behalf of equality between citizens of Andalusia".

For the territorial delegate Economy, Science and Employment, "The common denominator of the work done and Guadalinfo AMI is a firm commitment to equality of opportunity: between men and women, on the one hand, and among all Andalusians in their right to access to new information technologies and communication, wherever they live and whatever their age or socioeconomic status ".

Valverde has also indicated that "another important use of social networks in this difficult economic climate have a thorough knowledge of women is to seek and find employment, or better able to develop a business idea, if the path chosen is a woman of entrepreneurship ".

For his part, IAM's provincial coordinator noted that collaboration between the institute and the network Guadalinfo "equality leads to the territory and has a powerful result in bringing all information about AMI programs to every corner of the province and the Community Autonomous ". About the workshop developed today, Francisca Serrano has also stressed the importance of technical know AMI using social networks to disseminate the activities and initiatives of the institute, especially among young people and adolescents, main users of these communication tools.

The red Guadalinfo

The red Guadalinfo, which is promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment in collaboration with the Provincial Councils, takes over 10 years working to curb the digital divide in our community, ensuring that all citizens Andalusian, wherever they live and whatever their age or socioeconomic status, they can access new information technologies and communication.

Guadalinfo and oriented to the promotion and generation of social innovation projects in sectors such as tourism, accessibility, culture and commerce. Far, were developed to 1.500 projects, 225 in the province of Almería. Also, has proven experience in generating, promotion and dissemination of projects and initiatives, which 38.200 have been made in the province of Almería, above 8.900 during 2013.

Investments from 2008 by Junta de Andalucía and county councils to maintain the Red Guadalinfo amount to 99,2 million, of the Junta de Andalucía, through the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, has provided the 67%, while 33% have contributed the remaining eight Andalusian provincial. Above 10 million euros in the province of Almería, which 8,7 have been intended to revitalize the centers located in towns of less than 20.000 people, and 1,4 the maintenance of the centers located in areas at risk of social exclusion.

The Andalusian Institute for Women

The Andalusian Institute for Women, under the Ministry of Equality, Health and Social Policy, is the agency of the regional government, which promotes equal rights and opportunities for women and men with the goal of moving towards a model of society that incorporates new forms of more democratic and egalitarian coexistence.

AMI works every day to ensure all Andalusian women, and society as a whole, the rights guaranteed by the Act 12/2007, of 26 November, Promotion of Gender Equality in Andalucia.