Cosentino Group joins the Board of the Museo Casa Ibáñez Foundation.

In October 2012 Cosentino Group became the first company to sign almeriense an agreement of collaboration with the Museo stable Ibanez House Foundation. An agreement through which the international group, with headquarters in Cantoria, collaborate economically, both maintenance and public opening of the Museo Casa Ibáñez, and the implementation of temporary activities and exhibitions promoted by the cultural center almanzorí.

By the end of 2014, the commission of social responsibility Cosentino Group, decided to take another step in its commitment to the Museo Casa Ibáñez and Almeria Art, and became part of the Foundation Board of the Museum House Ibáñez. Justo Martinez-Cosentino family has an ongoing commitment to cultural and social life of the Shire of Marble Macael.

Incorporation, of great importance to the Foundation and the future of it, which has led to the amendment of the statutes foundations. A text that has now been renovated with two objectives: adapt to the current reality and museums, more complex and diverse than 2005, when originally drafted; and record, along its articles, the commitment with the Foundation now acquire both the business group Cosentino, represented by Santiago Alfonso Rodríguez, director of corporate communications and marketing-, as its founding patron, Andrés García Ibáñez. Both employers, as one of the now modified items and based on equal conditions in both will represent the Foundation, They shall serve as chairman alternately, for periods of two years.

Also in order to highlight the importance of both employers, once joined the Cosentino Group to the Museum Foundation House Ibáñez, and based on discussions by all members of the new Board, now they are working on the registration of the new name of the Foundation, which will be renamed "Fundación de Arte Ibáñez Cosentino".

From the new Board is to be noted, in tune with the lines of work that have been developed over recent years, that it intends to open the doors of the Foundation to all institutions that wish to join it and cultural projects that are developed from this: Andalusian, Provincial de Almería, etc.. Institutions that could join the City of Almería, capital agency, through its Mayor, Luis Rogelio Rodríguez-Comendador, recently indicated the possibility of joining the Art Foundation Ibanez Cosentino.