Gracia Fernández emphasizes prevention and citizen participation as key to the success of the Infoca

Gracia Antonio Martínez Fernández with.

Gracia Antonio Martínez Fernández with.

The territorial delegate of the Environment and Spatial Planning, Antonio Martinez, He has chaired this morning the provincial advisory committee to the Plan INFOCA, body responsible for coordinating the actions of the various administrations that collaborate in preventing and fighting forest fires in Almeria and meets annually at the beginning and end of the season increased risk of fire

The Government delegate of the Andalusian, Grace Fernandez, for attention to the media made after the committee meeting, He stressed that despite the weather context has described as "extremely unfavorable" and a particularly tough year throughout Spain, "The incidence of forest fires in the province has been sparse".

He also stressed that these positive results are due, INFOCA the good work of the device and the forces and security forces that ensure that no forest fires occur and also "the collaboration of the Andalusian society, little by little, he becomes aware of the serious damage to our environment and for the safety of our neighbors pose Wildfires ".

Fernandez highlighted the efforts made by the Government of Andalusia to maintain the high efficiency of the INFOCA Plan through increased investment that directly affects the stability and quality of the jobs of those who make up the device. The delegate pointed out that the budget of Andalusia 2018 increases 10 million euros the resources allocated to the device for prevention and extinguishing forest fires to reach 168 million.


The INFOCA device has made since the 1 January to 31 October (the Ministry of Environment and Planning extended the period of high risk of forest fires to this day, due to low rainfall), total 51 forestry interventions, of which 45 (88,24%,) -siniestros were reduced to near misses that do not reach hectare- and other, 6 (11,76%), fires were. These figures represent an 5,58% of total registered interventions in our region in 2017.

The area affected added 156,87 hectares, of which 116,62 (74,34%) They correspond two fires in the town of Nijar; the Rajah Cala and El Pozo de los Frailes, with 86,22 has, in the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata.

As it regards the causes, most of them are due to negligence (58,82%) and the percentage of unintended incidents is a 21,57%, having its origin mostly in agricultural activities. Other reasons are the natural (7,84%), unknown (7,84%), accidental (1,96%) or research (1,96%).

Brigade Forest Fire Research

The delegate of the Environment has highlighted the important work undertaken by the Brigade Forest Fire Research, belonging to the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning and Environment made up of agents specialized in the field Environment. Their work has not only been able to clarify the causes of almost all forest fires, but also do so in a reduced time period, so that the pending investigation incidents at the end of the campaign represent only 1,96%.


Last, the delegate has referred to the important collaboration between different administrations and recognized the effort and work of all those who have participated this year in the device fire and in defense of nature in Almeria on a plan (INFOCA) recognized nationally and internationally for the management and results in both the preventive, as in direct action in the fight against fires.

Fernandez thanked the cooperation Emergency Service 112 Andalusia, Civil Protection and Emergency Group Andalucía (GREA); Military Emergency Unit, Guardia Civil, Unit of the National Body Attached to the Andalusian (Regional police), Local Police, Firefighters, Epes-061, Red Cross, Local groups present help and Partnerships Civil Protection Volunteers.