Galasa Lucar again Seron and injunctive

Mayor Seron, Juan Antonio Lorenza.

Mayor Seron, Juan Antonio Lorenza.

Galasa company will provide its services in the municipalities of Seron and Lucar tas judicial decision to accept the precautionary measures requested by these municipalities through a complaint filed yesterday morning in the Court of Instruction No. 2 Purchena by mayors of these municipalities, Juan Antonio Lorenzo and Jose Antonio Gonzalez respectively.

Remember that Galasa ceased to provide services in both towns, As in Armuña de Almanzora and Urrácal, (whose service remains uncertain), day 1 February, leaving the keys in the notary office of Seron. These municipalities had asked the council to act by substitution, making a reversal friendly facilities complete water cycle.

The measure adopted by the court of Purchena, It is given to Seron and Lucar enough facilities for standardized manner "so we can adopt a new more efficient management system integrated water cycle" time, underlines Lorenzo, satisfied with the decision of the court.

Finally the municipalities that fail to attend Galasa be the four mentioned above, since the municipality of Tíjola, (whose council had decided to dispense with the services of that company), will remain with Galasa after the adoption of this permanence in the extraordinary plenary session held last Thursday at the Provincial de Almería. Tíjola, like Serón, Lúcar. Urrácal and Armuña de Almanzora had requested seek an alternative to water management due to disagreement on increasing rates.

The issue of water supply to four villages was the subject of a fierce debate in plenary last Thursday in Almeria, between the popular spokesman, Aureliano Javier García, and the Socialist spokesman and mayor of Seron, Juan Antonio Lorenzo