Unicaja Foundation announces the VIII Unicaja Prize Promotion Socioeconomic province

Unicaja Foundation has officially opened the eighth convocation of Unicaja Socio-Economic Promotion Award of the Province of Almería, which aims to promote theoretical and applied research in areas that are of particular relevance for economic and social development of the area.

Unicaja Socio-Economic Promotion Prize of the Province of Almería, which it is equipped with 9.000 euros, recognizes original work on any socio-economic research approach in this geographical area, as it explained by the company in a note.

The announcement of the contest by the Unicaja Foundation continues the work of the Economic Development Foundation in Almeria (FUPEA) fulfilling the will of its promoter, Francisco Puerta López.

The work must be original and unpublished, written in Castilian with a maximum of 100 double-spaced pages, and individual authorship or work teams. The deadline for entries is 27 February 2019.

Proposals must be submitted by the slogan and escrow process, unsigned or data that can identify the author. In a separate envelope personal data along with a brief resume and a technical summary will be included.

The works must be submitted, indicating the outer and inner shipping 'VIII Unicaja Prize Economically Promotion Province Almeria’ Unicaja to the address Maria Cristina Concert Hall. Calle Marques de Valdecañas, 2. 29008 Malaga.

Source: EuropaPress