The coroner does not see the lack of the negligence ambulance with the patient who died in Sierro 2012.

General Sierro

The report states that the response times “were very short” although the ambulance “It took four hours”.

The forensic report submitted to the judge investigating whether there was reckless homicide in the death of a neighbor Sierro (Almería) of 63 years 2012 concluded that the response times 061 were “very short” and asserts that the fact that there was no ambulance available “more quickly to come to your home is through no fault of the health centers” the next Olula del Rio municipalities and Macael.

“At no time shown undue health care because it was in constant contact with the team coordinator for health emergencies”, The report highlights, and also suggests that, due to the clinical picture that the patient was suffering, “would probably have befallen death despite immediate medical assistance”.

“Healthcare conducted by health professionals Olula River followed the rules of medical normopraxis, namely, medical lex artis adjusted”, indicates forensic, who said that “is not possible to unambiguously determine the cause of death”.

Recall that the association 'The Patient Advocate’ rose in April 2012 a complaint with the Prosecutor's Office, turn, referred the case to the Court of Single Instruction Purchena order to investigate the death considering that it could have caused “death from lack of adequate medical care”. The family says that was “a denial of continued assistance” by the 061 for three days and due to a delay “unjustified” the arrival of the ambulance.

In a statement, Association has moved its “surprise” and “alarm” to the fact that the forensic report established “no more than anyone else's fault that there was no ambulance available to take” a A.M.V., whoever, according highlights, “died in no less than four hours have passed since the first call” for assistance.

He noted that it “incomprehensible” that, regardless of ambulances Olula Macael River and were at that time occupied, not proceed to notify any ambulance or helicopter, “letting the patient deteriorates to death”.

At this point, an excerpt from the transcript of the calls you have forwarded the Patient Advocate referred 061 the investigating judge of the cause and which is collected as Macael doctor informed the daughter of the late: “”I'll tell you one thing, now there is no ambulance to see his father… Lighter can not tell”, and, that after her response saying that they say is send the Huercal-Overa, says: “take more than two hours to return”.

Given the findings of the report issued by the Institute of Legal Medicine (IML), “unacceptable to the taxpayer citizen”, Ignacio Martínez counsel requested the court to the Judicial Police officiate to draw a crowded about the facts, identifying all persons involved and the positions they held.

Equally, will interested is cited as to declare credited Quien reported as “Macael doctor” in the transcript of the call and be directed to the principal office of the Northern Area Health Almería to report where the nearest available ambulance was, o helicóptero, to have gone to the urgency of the Sierro 4 March 2012 starting at 12,34 hours and why was not warned.


According to the account of the family, two days before the death should occur, Patient, an affected “pathology of severe renal impairment” and with a history of “a very serious heart attack”, was treated at the health center Macael with an episode of gout. The complaint contends that the medical “ignored” the request of the family to the hospital family and sent him home “Despite that only he could walk again”, so that, two days later, “unable to bear the pain of limbs, dizziness and vomiting”, A.M.P. I would have asked her brother to call an ambulance to be taken to the Hospital of the Immaculate, Huercal-Overa.

“When they called the ambulance –adds the letter– told them that he had received assistance in emergency health center Macael and take the medication”. Given this negative, resorted to 061 that, according to the association, “conveyed the same and they said the ambulance would take about two hours because they were in service in Huercal-Overa”. The call came, highlights the complaint, to 12,30 hours. At 15,09 hours there was a second warning in alerting the patient “not breathing and was cold”. “At 15,50 hours the ambulance arrived but it was too late”, deepens.


After the complaint, Public Company for Health Emergencies 061 conveyed through a communiqué from the first time when the notice is received “ongoing communication with the various people who sought care remained, provided in order to meet the patient's progress”.

In this, remarked that “the instant knowledge of the severity of the patient had –a call made to the 15,07 hours– referred to the nearest address and rapid health care, but finally he could do nothing for his life”. “The information provided to the coordinating center for conversions held with the family in no case did the fatal suspect”, as indicated.

The Provincial Health Delegation of the Junta de Andalucia in Almeria ordered after death produced a report to determine whether there was any irregularity in care.