Equine Cattle Fair in Albox.

The City of Albox, through the Department of Trade and Celebrations, and the Friends of the Almanzora Valley Horse, have organized another edition of Equine Cattle Fair, to be held the next day 10 May. The meeting will be held at the fairgrounds in Albox and will run from 09.00 h. until 14.00 h.

"Fans the world of horses have a unique opportunity to make the sale of copies, since this action is one of the most attractive of this sample. Also, all those who come to the fairgrounds in Albox may allow a high number of mares, Colts, horses, asnos, donkeys and many other examples of equine. To this the various posts related equipment in addition to the equine gear as, for example, saddlebags, Covers, blankets, saddle chairs, among other pieces ", manifiesta Francisco Pérez Conchillo, councilor responsible for the area.

Regarding this event, the Mayor of Albox, Rogelio Mena Luis Segura, stressed the importance of this event for professionals in the livestock sector.

On the other hand, Francisco Pérez Conchillo, Councillor of Commerce and Celebrations of the City of Albox, He said that "This is a show that features many leading breeders and horse enthusiasts world, and that with the passage of time it is becoming a traditional event of Albox, because during this time the meeting of many horse lovers out there in the Almanzora Valley is provided ".

"The City Council and the Friends of the Almanzora Valley Horse are doing intensive work, and we invite all residents and citizens of other municipalities to visit our Fair ", says Mayor, Rogelio Mena.

The town of Albox released May with the celebration of the trade of horses, a traditional event that complements the cattle fair November, which has been held since 184 years old, by a Royal Charter granted by Fernando VII in 1829 and became one of the most important cattle fairs southern peninsular.

The first fairs were held in the course of the Rambla de Albox, which possessed a wide space for the animals and took advantage of the water surfaced in font Marques and the trough of Canos.

"Through the centuries, this show has been a regional reference, provincial, regional and national, where they have been considered and closed treatment and there have been exchanges, besides becoming a social act and be particularly important meeting point for the various stakeholders in the sector ", insists Mayor Rogelio Mena.

"This is a unique opportunity for farmers to carry out their purchases and sales by the original stratagems called" deals "between buyers, sellers and traffickers, well as entertain, in an original way, all visitors who come to this new appointment ", Francisco Pérez concludes Conchillo.