Femaxi calls a cacerolada against gender violence



The Federation of Women for Equality Almanzora (FEMAXI) this year it is proposed to make much noise cons sexist violence. The protest in the form of cacerolada, which it takes place in Purchena on Friday 24 November at 12.00 hours, It is the centerpiece of the commemoration of 25 November World Day for the Eradication of Violence Against Women. "Tired of silence", is the title of the project that has been approved by the Provincial de Almería, to be held in coordination with the municipality of Purchena. The march through the streets of the town to try to "channel all the pain, anger and frustration that produce sexist violence. Not only murder, which they are the tip of the iceberg of all the structural violence that strikes women around the world and their place in our 'beloved Spain' ", says the president of the group, Remedios Serrano.

"In our society, patriarchal and capitalist, women suffer daily violence. There is a structural violence that persists and rebounding despite all the progress and despite the alleged 'equality' we've got women and men. His most ferocious expression, but not the only, is death. In this country continue to die an average of 70 women a year. Questioning the patriarchy is a responsibility of all ", adds.

During the day the manifesto of the provincial entity will read, It will be a wreath by women murdered this year and will present the new shirts that Femaxi made possible thanks to the donation design artist Mode. An image which highlights the eye of a woman who does not surrender and evokes hope. "Although we have nothing to celebrate we want to convey a positive image and say clearly that we will not pay that to the chauvinistic violence are precisely feminist advances and the struggle of women is dedicated this shirt".

"Although we must also be on the streets have to move from complaints and lamentations to the specific claims. We do not want the State Pact against Gender Violence remain a mere tool of political propaganda and we will be very aware and vigilant about their budget and implementation ", remember. This year the event was organized in collaboration with the schools in the municipality, CEIP San Ginés de la Jara and IES Entresierras, the band, the youth information center and the association of women Montecarmelo.