FAMP and QSDglobal promote the first network of municipalities sensitive to the disappearances

Felix Lopez, by the Minister of Justice of the Board, Rosa Aguilar, and the Minister of Interior, José Ignacio Zoido.

Felix Lopez, by the Minister of Justice of the Board, Rosa Aguilar, and the Minister of Interior, José Ignacio Zoido.

President of the Andalusian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces, Fernando Rodriguez Villalobos; Interior Minister, Juan Ignacio Zoido; the Minister of Justice and Home Affairs, Rosa Aguilar and President of QSDglobal, Paco Lobatón, today inaugurated the training day: "The councils before the disappearance of persons". This training is part of the Lifelong Learning Plan 2017 the FAMP and has enjoyed the cooperation of the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs of the Government of Andalusia and of the Council of Seville.

On this day families of missing persons and mayors of municipalities that have faced disappearance (Monesterio, The probres Caramiñal, Hornachos, Arrigorriaga, Vitoria, Santa Lucía de Tirajana or El Espinar) They participated today in Seville in a new QSDglobal Forum organized by the Foundation and the Andalusian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (help) with the aim of creating a network of municipalities to help families who suffer the disappearance of a loved one.

Mayor Vera and vice president of the Andalusian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces, Felix Lopez, He reiterated the commitment and solidarity of the municipalities with the families who bear the embarrassment of ignoring the whereabouts of their loved ones. "It's hard to get into the skin of those who suffer this situation, but from here I say to the families of missing persons who are sensitive to their pain and in our municipalities will do everything humanly in our power to alleviate their distress ".

Municipalities are called to play a decisive role to the disappearances occurring in their field and active prevention work among vulnerable groups. This is the premise of the agreement, in March this year, between the Andalusian Federation of municipalities and provinces (help) and QSDglobal Foundation for the convening of the Forum took place today in Seville.

Makers and municipal technicians have discussed the protocols and measures needed to deal effectively with disappearances. It is establish guidelines to develop information and awareness, conduct training activities in search methods, prevent risk situations and support families suffering from the absence of a loved one.

Based on an active engagement and through a cooperative work around the above objectives has been the RED SENSITIVE MUNICIPALITIES OF DISAPPEARANCES. Initially they have subscribed to this the RED representatives of local corporations represented in Sevilla, where invitation shall be sent to all municipalities in Spain.

As usual in the QSD FORUMS, The meeting served for joint reflection and exchange of experiences of families of missing persons as Francisca Cadenas (Hornachos), Manuela Chavero (Monesterio), Borja Lázaro (Colombia), Paco Molina (Cordova), J. Antonio Gómez Alarcón (Mijas) or Lucía García (Turra).

It was the first time mayors of municipalities affected by a disappearance share the experiences and lessons derived therefrom: Antonio Garrote (Monesterio, Manuela Chavero), Francisco Buenavista (Hornachos, Francisca Cadenas), Louis Joseph Piñeiro (The poor do Caramiñal, Diana Want), Asier Albizu (Arriogorriaga, Biscay), Gorka aquatic (Vitoria, Borja Lázaro) and Alicia Palomo (El Espinar) .

The role of local government, determinant

In Spain they produced each year 21.000 complaints of disappearance. According to the report presented in March by the Ministry of the Interior, Report on missing persons in Spain, the number of complaints from 2010 until 2 January 2017, exceeds 121.000. A high percentage resolved, but many remain unanswered: specifically 4164 cases remain unresolved, According to the report.

When a disappearance occurs, the place is decisive and the role of municipalities to respond effectively from the first minute is essential. Quickly activate the information campaign, promote the active help of local citizens, master mapping of the territory and coordinate with security forces and provide effective care to families, They should be part of a well-defined plan of municipal action and known to all.

Therefore, the municipalities have to be sensitive to a reality that strikes thousands of families in our country, also in Europe and in the rest of the world and adopt measures and protocols to offset the effects of it and help curb their numbers.

One of the main objectives of this meeting was the adoption of a unified municipal action protocol and the creation of a European Network of Municipalities Sensibles the missing persons. A Sevillian town soon will house a pilot geolocation technology with greater experience Alzheimer's or similar diseases, aimed at preventing high-risk disappearances that occur in this group of people.

Also, the president of the FAMP and the Council of Seville, Fernando Rodriguez Villalobos, He said that is "to urge councils to consider bracelets for people to acquire detectors. There are cases with some form of senile condition is more prone to disappearances and these bracelets are useful. If our hand, municipalism, in this case the Provincial Councils, we will articulate that service to citizens in need and can not acquire ".