Extenda connects 27 Andalusian companies of construction materials with the Latin American market.

Extenda headquarters in Seville hosts the II International Meeting `Construction Materials Andalucía-Latinoamérica' bringing together 27 Andalusian companies in the sector from today until Thursday 11 June. This quote from support for the internationalization organized by the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, through Extend-Promotion Agency of Andalusia Exterior.

The first day of meetings held in the Andalusian Extenda headquarters in Seville, where a series of bilateral meetings between Andalusian companies and potential international buyers will be held, During the following two days will visit the facilities of the Andalusian firms participating in several provinces Huelva and Cordoba.

A total of 12 importers, dealers, wholesalers and foreign prescribers participate in this action to meet the offer of Andalusian construction materials industry. International operators come from Miami, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, those with a representation of two signatures by country; and Bolivia and Brazil, with a visiting company respectively.


The foreign delegation was invited to meet with the collaboration of the Office of Business Promotion Extenda Brazil, Panama and Miami, as well as antennas Ecuador, Peru and Colombia.

Andalusian companies

Andalusian firms participating come mostly from Sevilla (Firelanz; ConteneDomus; MP Lifts; Moldtech; Freehand; Prism 52; Cano brushes; Total Logistic Services; Formulations and Polygroup) ; Cordova (Hiansa Panel; South transformed and Accessories; Fifth Metallic; Tejas Perez Garcia and Torinco); and Malaga (Grupo Puma; Industries Audiolis; Cement Layer; Tafer and Wood Menur).

Also, include companies in the construction sector from Almeria (Albanbeach; Gamdoor; and Plastics and skylights Matilla); Jaén (Plaquemarmol and Escayescos); Granada (Smart spaces); and Huelva (Pedro Beltran Ceramics). This promotional action Extenda is funded on a 80% with funding from the European Union, under the ERDF Operational Programme Andalusia 2007-2013.

The meeting's agenda includes, inter, company visits in Cordoba (Hiansa, Tejas Perez Garcia and Torinco), Huelva (Ceramic Pedro Beltran) and Seville (Polygroup and ConteneDomus).

Provinces and products

As for the Andalusian exports of building materials, they have increased 42% Over the past six years, which is two points higher than the national average for the same period. The total sales of the community abroad exceeded 854,6 million in 2014 with a clearly positive trade balance 340 million.

In relation to the provinces that have exported more in this sector during the year 2014 Sevilla tops the list, reaching the 481,4 million euros after growing 7,6% (55,7% of total); followed by Malaga 103,3 million (that with increased 1,5% over the previous year represents 12% of total); and in third place it is situated Córdoba, with a value of 81 million in sales and a representation of 9,4%.

By goods, leading foreign trade of Andalusian construction materials sector, with iron bars 24,5% of the total and an increase of 4,3% (211,5 million); followed by iron profiles with or without steel 72 million (8,3%). In third place are the deposits, barrels and drums (69,3 million, 8% of total); followed by hydraulic cements that have grown 25,7% about 2013 (51,5 million, 6% of total).

In 2014 the countries that lead the ranking of recipients of exports of building materials sector in general are Algeria, which grows 27%, an 29,5% total and 255,2 million in exports. Morocco followed from afar with 71 million euros accounting for 8,2% of total. Portugal ranked third (62 million and a representation of the 7,2%); while France has 46,5 million (5,4% of total); and Poland bill 36 million (4,2% of total).