Exhibition entitled 'The Railway Almanzora’ in Albox.

Next Tuesday 2 September at 10 Morning will open in Albox exposure on "The Railway Almanzora". Will be open on New Albox Plaza in the place where it was located until recently the People's Bank of Municipality.

The sample consists of a 60 pictures where you can see a small part of the history of the rail line between the county vertébro 1893 and 31 December 1984. Also you can see some objects and documents used in our district stations.

During the tour of the history of our railway can view snapshots of derailments that occurred during the twentieth century, steam engines plowed our region, planes of our stations, ... Etc. Nor missing more daily images, as a youth group uploaded the train goodbye to a friend who migrate in search of a better life or the embrace of two lovers just as the train passes behind them.

The traveling exhibition has visited Zurgena, Singing, Pannier, Almanzora and Purchena. Your last stop will be the town albojense. The opening and closing days visiting hours will be from 10 h a las 13 hours. The other days will be open in the afternoon between 19 hours at 21 hours.

Miguel Angel Alonso, one of the organizers of the exhibition along with Juan Torreblanca, indicated that the purpose of it is none other than "recovered memory Almanzora Valley 'by rail.

The exhibition is organized by the Provincial Council of Almería and the Cultural Association are albojenses. Albox City Council is working with the theater.