Vera traveling exhibition in twenty years Argar in Almería


Under the slogan '20 years with Almeria society ', the Association of Parents of Children and Adolescents with Cancer and Almería Province, Argan, It opened yesterday at the Convent of the Minimum Parent Vera traveling exhibition of the twentieth anniversary commemorative Photography, after starting his career in Almeria.

Stephanie Mendez, Argar from president to pick the witness given by his mother, Juani Garcia, He stated that "the exhibition is a thank you to the Almeria society for their cooperation and involvement. both institutions, as businesses and individuals, We have always supported, without their help we would not have come here ". Argar president made special emphasis that "childhood cancer is cured in an 75% cases, that there is increasing cure rate and the Association is trying to help families in every way possible ".

The Argar Association provides assistance to pediatric cancer patients diagnosed in Almería Province and collaborates with the Hospital Torrecárdenas, serving small and adolescents with cancer and hematologic diseases including age 0 a 18 years old, and their families by providing social and psychological care, host a home, school support and financial assistance for travel to other provinces to administer treatments not available in Almería.

For his part, Isabel de Haro, Councillor for Culture of the City of Vera, Consistory showed willingness in supporting "the work of these 'parents' courage' and these brave children who struggle daily to overcome the disease". "We are proud to have in the room Vera Convent of the Minimum Fathers exhibition", He concluded.