Exhibition Naturalista Assembly Sparwasser Hardy and Mario Sanz Stock Cruz Villaricos.

The exhibition hall of the castle welcomes Villaricos day on Tuesday 1 to the 31 July, Assembly exposure Sparwasser Hardy Naturalist and Photography of Mario Sanz Cruz.

Sparwasser Hardy and German artist based in the Almeria coast is known as the "Mad Cala Panizo". Called his profession as seeker, and that all his work is made with marine elements discovers in the sea: pieces of wood, conches, shells and other materials capable of being worked; leading to the creation of original marine species and objects related to the nature.

Sanz Mario Cruz is the keeper of Mesa Roldán, Carboneras, and among other things, is fond of photography. This series presents, in detail, the internals of the optical beam Almeria, with their reflections and curved lines, with its lights and shadows.

Castle hosts Villaricos during July, This joint exhibition that brings together the work of Hardy, at beach level, and Mario, in the high beam. One by the sea and the other on the edge of heaven, combine to get one of those impossible mergers amazing. The "Crazy Creek Panizo" and "Last keeper of Carboneras" united in an exhibition whose junction sea, our sea, its sea.