Presentation of the Fair 2016
Presentation of the Fair 2016

The Convento de la Victoria Vera welcomed yesterday the opening of the exhibition 'Moors and Christians in the province of Almeria'. Then, and on the same stage, Dr. architect Luis Cano dictated the conference "Urban History of Vera. Castle in the trace 'that, with pronounced last Friday by Doctor in Humanities and Social Sciences, Miguel Angel Martínez Pozo under the title 'Moors and Christians. Past, present and future', They have set the program of cultural events veratense jointly by the City Council and the Moors and Christians Cultural Association of the municipality on the occasion of the Great Parade of Moors and Christians included in the festivities in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows.

The sample, which will remain exposed until the next day 16, captures historical reenactment of what led to the permanence of Muslim culture for centuries not only in the town of Vera, but throughout the province of Almeria, and how the events leading up to the capitulations were developed.

“Vera offers at this time a great opportunity for the whole province of Almeria knows its history in an entertaining way, while highly accurate data and dates, and extensive documentation arising from the municipal File ". Thus began his speech Mayor Vera, Felix Lopez, who he appreciated the effort made by the Cultural Association of Moors and Christians in spreading the history and culture veratense by prestigious speakers. "They share with us their knowledge and research to make us feel proud to belong to a country with such a rich past that has led us to this present and prepares us for a great future in the expansion of our town in all social aspects", veratense concluded the first mayor.

The architect Luis Cano has spent about 30 years to research, study and development of the urban history of Vera, whose end result has been the subject of his doctoral thesis read in the last year. Luis Cano was surprised to learn that Vera had an orthogonal urban fabric "in the form of square lattice and a very rare perfection in the orthogonal frames of the peninsula and that it was barely known in the books of urbanism and architecture". From that moment, the Vera based architect proposed to publicize the issue so that, the holder of Urbanism professor at the School of Architecture of Seville and member of the court, said that, from the thesis of Luis Cano, the history of urbanism in Latin America would look differently.

"Since the founding of Vera", He explained Luis Cano, "Its urban history is singular, very special in each and every one of the growth throughout the centuries, with a special relationship to urban growth in each period ". Of that Vera who went through extraordinary vicissitudes is, as revealed Luis Cano, the road layout that reflects the history of Vera in these 500 years "and fortunately this track has been transposed in one of the last urban growth of the last century". The research work done by the architect Luis Cano is based primarily from the introduction of the Renaissance city of the XVI century to the present. It is the intention of the architect Dr., along with a multidisciplinary team, close the urban history from prehistoric Vera.