Successful passage of the products of Seron by “Granada Gourmet”.

The space provided initially had to be added to the massive influx of people to stand.

Seron has again shown its promotion strategy focused on gastronomy and its products is a success. Hence, in 'Granada Gourmet', Seron meat products have left a gaping public that collapsed the space available for tasting products, I had to expand, to house more than 150 people who wanted to enjoy the deli meats Seron.

The president of the Association of National Cutters, Emilio Garcia, has moved to Madrid for the occasion, explaining during the cutting process and the only singularities emplatado ham Seron, the secret of its taste and its distinctive aroma, he argued, they have served for the recognition of the European Union with the recent award of the Protected Geographical Indication (IGP).

In its first edition, ‘Granada Gourmet’ has become the most important gastronomic event in southern Spain, over 16.000 visitors during four intense days in the city of Alhambra has become the seat of haute cuisine.

Professionals and food enthusiasts not want to miss this event has been a huge success thanks to the variety and quality of proposals designed in the program. Visitors were able to taste the best wines and oils on the national scene, while they have been able to appreciate the nuances of the different beers with Estrella de Galicia, learn about new products' Joselito’ or 'hams Seron’ or try the best fruit and greenhouse vegetables hand Agrupaejido, Sandía Fashion y Rey Raf.

Along with all the delicacies that have made it into 'Granada Gourmet', the 20 Best bars and restaurants of Granada have offered their most popular creations on top form, so that attendees could in one day and in one space to compare and enjoy the richness of Mediterranean cuisine.

The highlight of the event have prepared seven chefs' Michelin’ most successful, such as José Carlos García (Malaga), Lutz Bösing (Casares), Jose Alvarez (El Ejido), Manuel de la Osa (Cuenca), Alejandro García (Roquetas de Mar), Julio Fernández (Seville) y Dani García (Marbella). The celebrity chefs have cooked live not only to uncover the secrets of his latest creations in the auditorium of the Palacio de Congresos de Granada, but after their papers have offered an exclusive meals 50 Diners at a makeshift restaurant that has been installed on the premises of the Palace and have received acclaim from the lucky attendees who bought tickets through Oferplan.

Precisely one of the most acclaimed menus has been provided by Jose Alvarez, chef and owner of Restaurant La Costa (Michelin star), based its food seafood and vegetables Almería greenhouse defends in every corner of the country. The traditional cuisine of Almeria also featured hand Borja Arenas, New head chef at the Restaurante Alejandro (Michelin star).

And is that in the landscape of haute cuisine, Almeria province an increasingly large hole is made, not only by geniuses of the stoves that are creating a new trend in the kitchen of Almería, but also for the high quality of the products of this land. Proof of this was the presence of some of the most sought after products in Almeria 'Granada Gourmet', such as fruit and vegetables Agrupaejido, hams and products Seron, the Fashion watermelon and tomato Rey Raf raf, that have caught the attention of the audience who have not resisted to check its quality and taste.