They are demanding the government repair Cuevas del Almanzora desalination plant

Cuevas del Almanzora
Mayor Antonio Fernandez with the PSOE spokesman in the Diputación, Juan Antonio Lorenzo.
Mayor Antonio Fernandez with the PSOE spokesman in the Diputación, Juan Antonio Lorenzo.

The Socialist Group of the Provincial de Almería defend tomorrow Friday, in Parliament that held the provincial institution, a motion to demand the central government to immediately repair the Cuevas del Almanzora desalination plant, unutilized from the flood that hit the almeriense Lift 28 September 2012 and that, therefore, accumulates "Four years and one day of condemnation". This has expressed the Socialist spokesman, Juan Antonio Lorenzo, who has insisted that this infrastructure is critical to "ensure employment and economic development of the whole region".

Lorenzo believes that the government "should not have any problem" to run this repair, since in the General State Budget 2016 It is included the departure of 22,6 million euros needed for this purpose. In this sense, Socialist spokesman hoped that this year again not be left without spending this game, something that did happen in 2014 and 2015, when the State Budget included similar items that the PP government left unexecuted. "We do not want a new affront to the province of Almeria", It has been said.

Socialist spokesman recalled that the implementation of this infrastructure is "fundamental for irrigators", that they are being deprived of the 15 hectometres of water per year until 2012 They obtained from the desalination plant in Palomares.

In addition to these 15 hectometres for irrigation, desalination plant also contributed 5 hectometres of water for human supply, whose recovery would also benefit the inhabitants of Valle del Almazora and Levante. At this point, Lorenzo pointed out that these regions are currently supplying the desalination plant in Carboneras, which is farther than Cuevas, so the implementation of the latter would cheapen the price of water. Also, he recalled that Galasa have losses which account for half of the water purchase, so "if the path that takes the water to be reduced, it is expected that losses would also be reduced ".

The Socialist Party spokesman in the County Council has been accompanied by the mayor of Cuevas del Almanzora, Antonio Fernández, which he has abounded in the idea that repair of the desalination plant in their municipality is "vital for the development of the area". "Whenever we talk about water we focus interest in agriculture, but we can not forget that it is also necessary for development in general ", he insisted. Thus, Fernandez has asked the government "to begin to take into account the investments Almeria and start arriving". "It is time that this be taken seriously", has completed.