Archaeological excavation of the ancient "People of the Stonecutters" Macael

Image excavations in "Macael Viejo".

Image excavations in “Macael Viejo”.

Macael City Council has promoted and financed an archaeological dig at the site called "Macael Viejo". The campaign has come to an end after two months of excavation.

Management has been conducted by Professor of the Department of Prehistory and Archeology of the University of Granada, Gabriel Martínez Fernández, and fieldwork by archaeologists from Granada, Santiago and Marcos. They have also participated workers PFEA.

Mayor, Raúl Martínez, It is reported that "for us it is important to be putting in value all cultural and tourist attractions of our people and" Macael Viejo "has great potential because it will help us to know and preserve our past and to teach".

The excavation has centered on necropolis, housing and water tank. While awaiting the report to be held on the results obtained it is noteworthy that, It is according to data that have, It is the first time that Muslim necropolis is excavated in the Almanzora. They have obtained good results on the type of burial and allow anthropologists to study and analyze pathologies of the bodies found.

This settlement had always considered Roman, Muslim and medieval but found the remains can be seen human presence in Neolithic times and argárica what will contribute to rewrite the history of it. The mayor stressed that "this first campaign, with the data we have, It is giving good results and one of the most important is that we have found the presence of interesting remains of neolithic time he has done that have passed to date the human presence in the settlement to approximately 4.500 BC ".


Aljibe excavation has revealed its dimensions and capacity due to the good conservation of it and have appeared, next to it, remains of a Roman building.

With regard to housing excavated has been important the appearance of abundant pottery remains that will, after study, to begin to understand the constructive and life forms in the Muslim period.

The City Council intends to request that the remains found and once analyzed and studied are deposited in the Museum extension Marble Macael so they can be admired by visitors and residents of Macael. The mayor has insisted that "it is very important to us that the remains stay in Macael as the Councilor for Tourism, Mari Carmen Navarro, is already working on the expansion of the Museum of Marble and provide it with the remains of "Macael Viejo" is essential ".

After completion of this campaign I, City Council organized a visit to it so that residents could see the remains found. More than fifty residents enjoyed explaining the archaeologist, Santiago, at the site and see part of the remains found. Now all the remains have been covered for protection until next season. Mayor reported that "work is already underway for next year make an II campaign to go to expand the excavation area. It should be borne in mind that this settlement is the true "people of the stonemasons" as it was used when performing the work of extraction of marble or to protect themselves from attacks and for us to know the life form of these beds is part of our culture marble".