Students in a masters from the University of Almería known managing farms of Alto Almanzora.

Albox Andalusia Fines General Somontín

Masters students in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Almería -of higine Animal Nutrition and Animal Production courses at the- have visited two livestock facilities in the region of Alto Almanzora, to expand knowledge on the management of dairy goat farms and pig. In visits, university were accompanied by experts from the District Agricultural Office of Albox, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development.

In Somontín, students have known the pig fattening entrepreneur Jerome Segura, where technicians and the farmer explained to them aspects of biosecurity on farms, animal welfare, Nutrition, Animal Health, merchandising, document management, requirements for new facilities, aids and product management. For management products, students have field tested the manure management system that is made in this feedlot and other pig farms in the region. This system allows the separation of the solid phase from the liquid of slurry, whereby the handling thereof is facilitated, agricultural use of this product is improved and significantly reduces the odor of the holding

In Fines, students have visited a dairy goat farm, livestock Fábrega Macarena Torres. On this visit, among other topics, have known how a farm is organized, dairy goat breeds, livestock facilities, milking hygiene and storage of goat milk, management products, feed, and animal health.