Training students doing their training at the Hospital La Inmaculada


Health Management Area North of Almeria welcomes fifteen trainees of training courses Technicians and Auxiliary Nursing Care Pharmacy. This formation is the result of a collaboration agreement signed between the Department and the Institute of Secondary Education (IES) Albujaira Huercal-Overa. The realization of these placements is a tradition, which it has been underway for more than 20 years in the Hospital La Inmaculada.

The act of welcoming students took place in the auditorium of La Inmaculada Hospital of Huércal-Overa and was chaired by the Director of Nursing North Health District of Almeria, José Moles, Nursing Assistant Principal Area, Amparo Navarro and tutors IES Albujaira, Maria Dolores Hernandez and Yolanda Lopez; in addition to the presence of the head of the Bloc of Nursing, Pedro Marin and the head of the Bloc of Training and Quality Care, Francisco Aguilera.

The director of the Department of Nursing has been in charge of welcoming students, highlighting the importance of practical training to complement theoretical training. Students have received their accreditation and were able to meet their tutors who will be in the hospital during their internship. The event host has ended with a tour of various departments of the center.


In practice involved a total of 15 students, 13 of them belonging to the second year of the intermediate level Auxiliary Nursing Care and two belonging to the second course Intermediate Cycle Pharmacy.

These practices fall within the module 'Training in the workplace', which it is carried out between September and December. In the case of future nursing assistants, practices will last 50 conferences, a total of 350 school hours; while for pharmacy technicians will continue for 58 conferences, with 410 school hours.

These practices are essential to complete the job training student, because they allow you to achieve a professional training that can not be acquired in the educational center. Theoretical learning of these students are mentored by high school teachers; as will the professionals in Northern Almería Health Management responsible for safeguarding the implementation of practices in different plants and services center.

Work in the Hospital La Inmaculada allow students to know how to perform their duties, nursing assistants and pharmacy technicians and how they fit into the plan for each unit. Among the works that students will have to perform, and they will be jointly assessed by the hospital and teaching center, include skills for transmission to patients and families of the knowledge required to follow healthy habits, technical realization hygiene bedridden patients and changes clothes occupied beds, taking vital signs and the application of basic nursing techniques, inter.