The fire originated in the early hours of Sunday in the Sierra de María, specifically in the town of Somontín and subsequently extended at Urrácal; remains stabilized, although the mechanism for preventing and extinguishing forest fires in Andalucia, el Plan Infoca, continues to operate in the area with ground and aerial firefighting media.

As reported sources Infoco, fire has been stabilized by the 15,56 hours on Sunday, but for the moment in the area are still working on control tasks and suppression of fire a total of three specialized units within the Andalusian wildfires Community (Brica) –composed of a total of 36 people–, six groups of specialists –formed 42 people–, two officers of the Environment, technical operations and three vehicles pumper.

As air means, at this time they are acting, by Infoco, a total of three transport helicopters and extinction, and a plane coordination, and by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (Magrama), a seaplane and a large capacity.

So, on 11,30 hours of the same day, Infoca already indicated Europa Press that the fire had an evolution “favorable”, as the wind seemed to be “aminorando”, and therefore, anticipated to remain stable during the day. However, from the device warn that the wind still present and being a rough terrain, this is hampering efforts to control and fire suppression.

It was about 4,35 hours on Sunday when the Emergency Service 112 Andalucia received notice that a fire had originated in the hamlet of Mount Power Sickles. Due, a woman, that was parked in a camper in the area, had to be evacuated in prevention.