Tonight at midnight Almería orange alert comes on strong winds up 100 Km/h.

The central government delegation in Almeria and Civil Protection Unit and Emergency, has been reported from the 00:00 Almería pm tonight enter into orange alert with winds that can reach 100 Km / h and coastal phenomena.

Winds in Almería

From 00:00 Tomorrow Monday hours, Almeria will be shaken by strong winds are likely to reach gusts of 100km / h, this orange alert will be extended according to the latest forecasts until 15:00 hours a day.

Coastal Phenomena in the west and Almeria city

Also the whole west coast of Almeria and stay in this same orange alert from Coastal Phenomena 00:00 hours to 18:00 hours of Monday February 10-

Coastal Phenomena in eastern Almería

The coast also remains up in the same orange alert from Coastal Phenomena 00:00 hours to 12:00 hours of Monday February 10 West wind power 8 and very heavy seas.

The Directorate General of Civil Protection and Emergency, in their function to inform and prepare citizens through self, makes the following recommendations:

Be informed: the most effective prevention

It is advised to stay informed at all times and, if necessary, follow the recommendations indicated from.

Also, Special attention should be given to preventive rules of their Autonomous Community, which may take some specific measures in the light of developments on the weather situation in that particular area.

To strong winds

• should ensure doors, windows and all objects that could fall into the street and away from ledges, trees, walls or buildings under construction and cranes that can come loose. Also, should refrain from climbing the scaffolding without adequate protective measures.

• If you are driving, extreme caution, especially at the tunnel exit, overtaking and crossing roads with heavy vehicles in two-way. Pay attention to the possible presence of obstacles in the road.

To coastal winds

• If you are in maritime areas, try to get away from the beach and other low spots that may be affected by high tides and waves that are often generated by the intensity of high winds.

• In these situations, the sea takes extraordinary conditions and may drag if you are near the sea.