Hear neighbors and addressing their proposals, guidelines of the City of Vera with citizens


The policy of open and ongoing dialogue with all social sectors veratenses undertaken by the new municipal government team led by Felix Lopez since his arrival to the city of Vera, continues unabated. The first deputy mayor, Isabel de Haro, accompanied by the Town Planning, Francisco Vazquez; de Personal, Alberto Clemente; and Public Services, Francisca Garcia, recently they held a meeting with representatives of the estates 'Veranda Mar', 'Lomas del Mar IV', 'Lomas del Mar V', and 'Salinas de Vera', with the purpose of receiving and calibrate the proposals made by the residents to improve the quality of life in those developments.

While veratense coast is crowded during the summer, the fact remains that they are also very many permanent residents. Hence, the City Council has welcomed and thanked Vera approaches veratenses exposed by neighbors who have chosen this city to take up residence. Among the topics can be highlighted relating to urban transport and school, maintenance of parks and gardens, and spraying in some areas "possibly with liquids that do not emanate unpleasant odors", by express request of the parties.

The deputies present at the meeting informed the neighbors of possible accommodations to some of the considerations, including the project to safeguard the Saladar de Los Canos, along with the request to transport concessionaire to expand the current tour, signage and crosswalks and steely in areas of frequent passage. Equally joint collaboration for the maintenance of gardens and parks remembered.

The weekly opening a clinic in the area of ​​the beach veratense for those who have to qualify for weekly reviews or for prescription drug dispensing, was another of the issues and that the City of Vera moved to the Office of Health.