Clarified 14 Cuevas burglary and Pulpí.

The Guardia Civil, under the "Sagaz" operation, has proceeded to the arrest of 3 members of an organized group dedicated to commit burglary, developments in coastal Levant and used by their owners as a second home.

The Civil Guard began operating in mid-August, as a result of the analysis of a series of burglaries in homes, developments located in coastal municipalities of Almeria Cuevas del Almanzora and Pulpí.

This analysis allows the Guardia Civil detect coincidences, links and common features in their modus operandi and as to the time and mode of perpetrating robberies, suspecting housing agents the existence of an organized group and authors of all assaults, come to confirm suspicions that the investigation moves forward.

The burglaries investigated by agents occurring during the second and third quarter of last year, focused on coastal development in the municipalities of Cuevas del Almanzora and Pulpí.

From preliminary investigations carried out by the Guardia Civil, agents warn that the perpetrators are a structured group, specific functions each of its components, functions that start getting all the information of the residents of the dwellings, as customs and times, including the characteristics of the different "products" of the offense would get, for a quick sale on the illicit market.

Later, after consideration of all the information obtained, and early morning, override any security systems, and after forcing one of the entrances to housing, come inside to steal valuables easily sold on the illicit market, tablet, mobile, TVs, all under strict safety and security measures to avoid being surprised.

The result of the research conducted by the Civil Guard and ocular inspections, agents are able to determine the identity of the leader of the group, labeled J. M. U. and resident of the town of Garrucha (Almería), with extensive experience in similar crimes.

So things, Civil Guard develop a second line of research led to the identification of other components of the group, progressive identification of S. J. F. R. y J. R. C., Vera neighbors (Almería) and Murcia.

Finally, and verified the information, earlier this month, Civil Guard carried out the arrest of three people, suspected of 14 crimes of burglary in things, thus dismantling an active criminal group dedicated to perform all kinds of acts against property.

Proceedings instructed by the Guardia Civil, with detainees, have been delivered in the Court of Instruction No. 1 de Vera (Almería).