Interview with Pepa Franco, La Posada del Candle (Award Dune 2013)

Pepa Franco.
Pepa Franco.

“We miss a common tourism strategy for the region”.

Some days ago, Ecologist Mediterranean Group granted to La Posada del Candil (Pannier) Duna quoted one of his awards in recognition of its commitment to sustainable tourism.

We spoke with Franco Pepa (Macael, 21/10/1962), Social Worker and Local Development Agent and founding partner of the award-winning resort bioclimatic accommodations.

-Where the adventure begins?

In 1985 and thought about doing something different when it comes to raising awareness of the environmental education and local development. By then we were living in Catalonia and with other partners created a cooperative called "Els Viants" managing a center for rural development, focused on holding activities, workshops and staff development in collaboration with the Government, oriented to the general public while also acted as teachers of young people left school and came to us for training in traditional professions, since we had farm, oven ... etc.

– When did you decide a change of scenery?

We were in Catalonia until 1992, that we came to Andalusia with the hope of setting up a similar project. In 2000 bought land in the Sierra de Los Filabres, because it was an unknown land and value the natural resources and wealth of this land. We got in touch with several municipalities, but was stronger Seron who bet for us.

In the 2005 begins to build La Posada, taking care to detail the selection and treatment of materials, handmade made by the tireless and methodical work of a team involved with the project, who achieved their goal in August 2008, when opened to the public. Pepa confesses that it was not all an easy task, as there were technical and administrations not initially understood the meaning of complex bioclimatic, so they had to make some effort Account. "It was something muy new here" - pointing Pepa.

"I think we're on the right track and appreciate the very good reception that we had, although we are always open to suggestions and constructive criticism to make us improve - confesses as he takes a sip of his latte - because we are in a constant growth, developing processes to business expansion and media level ".

– Do you think there is a good plan to promote tourism that appeals to potential visitors Almanzora?

I miss a common tourism strategy at regional level. Except Seron, that it has initiated "Tourism Seron" a year ago, nothing. Sometimes talent and imagination that allows you to optimize the resources that you have more ago, alia not.

– Tell us everyday in La Posada ...

From opening until today we have worked to consolidate the most important activities, as may be mycological conference or rutting, stargazing…complemented with our English summer camps, environmental education and broadcasting where we give to experience life in the mountains. We have a quiet room for our restaurant, where we serve simple and traditional dishes, with products purchased from local suppliers, ideal for the "slow food". Accommodations consist of five apartments designed for clients feel comfortable staying, surrounded by fine materials own terrain. Also, The inn is an ideal place for small celebrations, enhanced with gorgeous landscape and environment of the Sierra. Our latest addition is a pool of salt purification.

"We appreciate and value greatly the Duna award, the prestige that the province has the Mediterranean Environmentalist Group, which will make us strive further to offer the best of La Posada del Candle ".

Paper, Javier and Lola, We hope one of the privileged corners of the region to try to make us a little happier.