Interview with Maribel Serrano, Mayor Urrácal

” We have a great tourism potential untapped”.

Maribel Serrano, in his office at City Hall.
Maribel Serrano, in his office at City Hall.

Interview with Maribel Serrano Cañabate (Huercal-Overa, 31/08/73), degree in elementary teachers from the University of Almería.

In 2011 reaches Urrácal mayor of representing the Socialist Party. His first decision was to modernize infrastructure and municipal supplies.

Shown close and friendly, in response to your call all who. The City is open to neighbors for any management, whatever it is, light, water or other routine and domestic arrangements.

What is your main interest in governing?

– Neighbors, local development, the conservation and recovery of the local traditions and combat depopulation.

Maribel, How is the day in the city of a village with few inhabitants?

– The main thing is to meet people and always try to help or solving challenges that have.

Any stories during this time?

– Yes, a pipe break at four o'clock. I am no timetable mayor.

This weekend the festivities held on the occasion of San Blas, day 2, 3 and 4 February. We have prepared a series of activities with RPGs younger, processions accompanying the saint with the band of Urrácal, the typical public and refreshments in the multipurpose room which caters to all residents and many visitors to the region- with fire to roast meat, Wine Country, beans and cod- food and conviviality of the Brotherhood after noon Verbena, including the Mass of the day 4, for the San Blas boy.

San Blas is the patron of the gorge. Your faith can combat diseases tonsils and larynx according to tradition. You can hang bagels or throw at him to step from the balconies, what would happen on 3 February.

What assets have Urrácal?

– We have the church of Santa Maria, that S. XVI. It will have special devotion to an image of San José, School Salzillo.

When talking about tourism promotion, Maribel has a special interest in promoting "The Strait", it is a natural site located in the Rambla de Urrácal, suitable for hiking. Last few months have been carried out cleaning and removal of vegetation and bushes that blocked the way, conducted by retainer Urrácal.

Although a small town, enjoys school, multipurpose building, Guadalinfo, youth room, ambulatory, sports courts, pediment, pool, Fitness and project is a house of culture, where you can develop idle and recreational activities of the municipality.

Any installation that you feel especially proud?

– At school there 14 children, of which I am very proud, because they are the future of Urrácal.

What actions are being done in Urrácal?

– Thanks to the Junta de Andalucía, be cleaned the saw, in the vicinity of the forest house and Talavera Cross, usarlo to as natural resource. They are acting in the streets, by paving and sanitation. Will also clean up the church (tower, sacristy roof and damp) and in the garden of the priest make a day center for the elderly in the municipality, I hope that in the very near future.

Do you expect something for training and retraining?

– One. An Employment Workshop Renewable Energy is expected. Motivated by the crisis there is a high unemployment, because the people are mostly engaged in construction, what is intended to alleviate shock plans as they are received grants. It is my biggest concern.

Mayoress, Which highlight the cuisine of Urrácal?

– Highlight local cuisine rabbits and garlic papejotes, Doughnuts, hornazos San Marcos, virgin olive oil and popular wines.

Despite the uncertainty created by the Local Government Reform, Maribel shown excited to continue linked to politics in order to prosper his people. Patient with a grin, She invites us to the coming holidays while asserting "Urrácal deserves to be known".