Given the new health center Olula


Almería Provincial Council has delivered to the City of Olula del Río new health center municipality, which will be a reference for Valle del Almanzora, once the works have been completed in the building. The provincial institution has completed the work of the last phase of this infrastructure, for which they have invested more than one million euros of the Provincial Plans.

The president of the Council of Almería, Aureliano Javier García, and the Mayor of Olula del Rio, Antonio Martínez Pascual, They have visited the new health center of the town, accompanied by VPs, Angel Escobar and Oscar Liria, members of local and provincial corporations, and technicians. In a statement, Almería Provincial Council explained that the property is distributed over four floors sanitary, next to the other for parking.

So, the Provincial Government and the City of Olula del Rio have become reality a work that began to run on 2008 and he quenched in 2009 for breach of an agreement by the Junta de Andalucía.

Global investment in this building has been 1.063.805 euros and has saved over the Consistory 220.000 euros, thanks to the low that has occurred in the procurement process. The Provincial Council itself has been responsible for drafting the project for the construction of the health center.

Garcia has recognized “all who have worked to build a health center will be regional and provincial benchmark for the quality of its facilities”. “This infrastructure is a reality for the commitment of the mayor and the government team, without being municipal competition, He has performed with the responsibilities of a ruler, seeking only improving the quality of life of their neighbors and make Olula a better place”, has declared.

The president of the Diputación de Almería has defined the new building as “an authentic mini hospital”, and recalled that, “from 2011, They have crystallized and processed 3,7 million investment performances as road improvements or hydraulic networks, Polygons Plan, already tendered, and cultural and sporting improvements”.

Also, Garcia stressed that the provincial institution “It is the only administration, next to City Hall, It is supporting the Museo Casa Ibáñez, a regional and national reference”.

Pascual Martinez assured that “no council would not have been possible to end an infrastructure that is necessary and historic for the city”, and thanked the financial support and technical advice received.


The new building has five floors; two levels above and three levels below about the grade of the Avenida Antonio Lopez, although all of them on the street level newly opened.

The four upper levels are intended for medical use as type II health center, with clinical areas, continuing care or emergency, surgery, pediatrics, Radiographs, rehabilitation and health education. The lower level, plant -3, It will be used as parking for 32 vehicles.

The building has been built in two wings that come together in a centerpiece that includes the vertical communications, via a staircase and two lifts, and the core of public toilets, one per floor.

It is recessed from the boundaries of the parcel south, East and West, in order to form an English patio that allows artificial lighting and ventilation of new units. Also, It has run a central courtyard for the same purpose. The total built is 3.073,02 square meter.