The Territorial Delegate of Environment and Planning, Antonio Martinez, It delivers clean facilities collection point for municipal solid waste to the mayor of Arboleas, Cristóbal García, the execution of the work has involved an investment of 349.857 and generating euros 1.500 wages.

The territorial delegate of the Environment and Spatial Planning, Antonio Martinez, ha señalado que “con esta iniciativa, que beneficia a una población cercana a los 4.700 people, la Junta de Andalucía dota a Arboleas de una adecuada infraestructura para la gestión de residuos”.

La construcción de esta instalación, financiada al 80% con fondos europeos de Cohesión, se enmarca dentro del Plan Director Territorial de Gestión de los Residuos No Peligrosos de Andalucía 2010-2019.

The collection points are places suitably equipped for the reception and storage of household waste provided by private and should not be deposited in the usual containers on public roads. Selective and facilities are equipped with separate collection vials, loading and unloading areas, specific containers and perimeter fence.

For Arboleas, infrastructure has been prepared to receive waste from used cooking oils and automotive, batteries, used, material photography and radiographs, furniture and household goods, wood, debris, chatarras, liquid waste (solvents, varnishes, dyes…), glass, used oils and organic, electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and filters, packaging and packaging waste, fluorescent, textiles, paper and paperboard, and pruning and gardening. For construction, the Ministry of Environment and Planning has enjoyed the cooperation of the City Council of this municipality almeriense.

Community legislation imposes an obligation to properly treat the waste to members, so the implementation of facilities for treatment or recovery of reusable products is necessary; well as clean points, transfer plants and fitness centers.