Meeting to unify criteria for applying the LOMCE in the direction of schools


The delegate of the Board of Education, Francisca Fernández, He has attended the conference which organized ASADIPRE (Directors and Managers Association of Early Childhood Education, Elementary and School Residences) to address the effects of the implementation of the Lomce in the field of management of schools. The meeting analyzed the legal framework established by the new regulations for educational leadership and have unified action criteria.

Francisca Fernandez stressed 'pedagogical leadership exercised by principals of schools and its role in stimulating and promoting the work of teachers to develop a quality educational project, oriented academic success of students'.

With the participation of specialists from different fields, the day was dealt to the powers entrusted to the school management Lomce, 'Technically poor standard, with a timetable for implementation difficult without adequate economic funding '. Also, They have addressed other issues such as attention to diversity, the plan for teacher training or education improvement plan.

The delegate of Education, Francisca Fernández, He explained that in Andalusia is determined for the Selection Committee of Directors an ownership interest of balanced and weighted center. Also, assessment of the management function will be ordered taking as reference the momentum created by the direction of improvement plans, coexistence and democratic participation of the school community. In this matter, the Board argues that the design and content of the course of management training is the responsibility of our community.

The Andalusian Association of Directors and Managers of public pre-, Elementary and School Residences (ASADIPRE) It is a professional association of more than 1.000 principals of public schools and Primary. In Almeria they are 112 ASADIPRE partners. Its president, Pedro Ayala Almeria, He explained that "Its objectives include the defense of the public school, professionalization of management in a framework of autonomy of schools and contribute to the educational success of students by providing the most appropriate organizational and curricular measures in schools'.