On going 59 vocational training for employment in the province of Almería


The delegate of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, Miguel Angel Lopez Tortosa, He has visited today in El Ejido Almarir Consultants, one of the 24 Province entities that provide vocational training for employment after reactivation by the Junta de Andalucía of this resource to improve the employability of unemployed people. In total there will be 105 the courses will be developed in Almería, of those who are already teaching 59, where they may form 1.575 beneficiaries, and they have an investment of the Ministry of Employment, Business and Commerce 4.591.100 euros.

Almarir Consultants, the training center today visited the territorial delegate, with its director Miguel Angel Gonzalez., He taught four courses for up 60 unemployed, all leading to certificate level of professionalism 3 and thanks to a global grant from the Junta de Andalucía 240.000 euros. This center has now initiated two courses, that of 'management and micro-enterprise development', of 520 hours, which was visited today by Miguel Angel Tortosa, and the 'Marketing and administration of financial products and services', of 800 school hours.

Also, Almarir Consultants will develop a course 'Management and coordination of educational activities and youth leisure time' of 410 teaching hours and other 'Developing Applications with web technologies', of 590 hours.

"Having removed any shadow of doubt on this aid, after the prosecution campaign that forced the regional government to have to paralyze courses 2012, Vocational Training for Employment has returned to Almería with all the guarantees and improvements in its design ", Miguel Angel stressed Tortosa.

So, The delegate explained that this call training activities that allow students to obtain professional certificates are enhanced, "As a guarantee that the training will be useful when accessing a job, and specialties are adjusted further demand from companies. In this way we fulfill the dual purpose of training the unemployed in demand occupations, increasing their chances of finding work, and increase business competitiveness via incorporation of qualified personnel in key productive sectors for our socio-economic development ", has added.

In this sense, Tortosa Lopez has reported that most of the courses scheduled in the province is part of the business management area, administrative and accounting, followed by languages, geriatric care in social institutions and homes, Computers and Internet, construction, air conditioning and hospitality. They have also been approved courses in the areas of hairdressing and beauty, installation and maintenance of renewable energy systems, sales, international trade and marketing, Private security, finance, Leisure activities and free time, auxiliary warehouse operations, industrial cleaning and outdoor, tourism, transport, canning, gardening and nurseries and first aid.

Other developments in this call for courses come to give the maximum guarantee of control of aid, with prior audit, final justification of subsidies by submitting supporting general account of the performance and the report of an auditor and the need for institutions to be accredited to teach courses, having sufficient and appropriate means to develop. a new payment system is also set: ahead of 25% the granting of aid, 35% After crediting the onset of activity and 40% after full justification, for private entities. Workshop schools and employment workshops, You are paid a deposit of 75% of the subsidy in the case of municipalities, which will involve substantial financial relief for municipal corporations in implementing these projects.