Seron food companies explain their strategies to students of UAL.

Following the presentation of the day, of 10 a 11 Morning, the conference "Seron Strategy" will be held. In this lecture, representatives of the Municipality of Seron explain the design of the Tourism Strategy Seron and the importance of the food industry has in its development.

Also, advances made documentaries as support visits drying of ham will be screened, La Bodega de Seron and the mill's Sheepskin. Then, to 11:30, dialogue will start entrepreneurship students-I. Students of Creation Business course will ask questions to representatives of these companies after the study of cases of food companies in Seron. The documentaries that support these case studies have relied on the direction and script of Professor Manuel Rodríguez.

This day, destined to continue, has the distinction of being organized by the organizing committee 'Learning from Experience', formed by students of this subject. Also, collaborate in the organization of the conference the City of Seron, Faculty of Business and Economics and the company contortionist Team.

The event is invited entire university community, develop the same next 8 April, from the 10:00 to 13:30 hours, in the Auditorium of the University of Almería.