Entrepreneurs seeking Seron and Teruel ham as linking and tourism.

The town of Seron has hosted the conference 'Bureau of ham Seron'; Tourist encounter framed within the Strategic Plan of the municipality, that was initiated in the 2011 with citizen participation over 40 people involved in this project.

The city of Seron is implementing various initiatives revitalization, and training the business sector linked to tourism, to these training activities are directed. So, analyzed the needs and priority actions, the beginning of the training plan arises, revolving around the theme of 'Farm'. These actions will materialize in four tables that comprise the ham, oil, wine and sausages Seron. The Bureau of Ham has been composed elempresariado related to tourism (restoration, accommodation, tourist services or agrostores), they have joined knowledge with the aim of sharing a workspace where they have analizadolas proposals, needs and conclusions of previous meetings of the Strategic Plan.

This quote has had experiences Teruel ham, thanks to the contributions of Chief Livestock Agricultural Services Section of the Provincial Government of Teruel, Fernando Guillén Pérez, who explained the model of tourism development in this province based on culinary and tourism resources in this area. The conference also highlighted the experiences of meat entrepreneurs Seron, thanks to the presence and professionalism of managers Czech Hams, Czech Manuel; Farmhouse Ham Canata, Francisco J. Rodríguez; Ham Segura, Luis Segura and Seron Hams from 1880, Antonio Perez.

Guillen Perez, thoroughly explained all the pitfalls, difficulties and projects that have made Teruel a major tourist spot around the ham, He spoke of the urgency of professionalization, pooling and essential unity so that the sector can be maintained and compete on quality and training as a fundamental and indispensable step. The representative of the Government of Teruel also branded as paramount to value ham Seron linked to its origin or linking gastronomy tourism.

The meeting, coordinated by the food journalist, Curro Lucas, attendees had the opportunity to know the process of preparing the ham Seron, the qualities that define and differentiate it from other hams or the enhancement of this product through theoretical and practical demonstration of these features.

Remember, that this action has arisen, as a result of the workshops previously held by the General Board of Tourism Participation and Training Needs Analysis developed during the last half of 2014. Based on this plan have been prioritized a series of actions related to the Gastronomic Tourism Seron complementing actions to promote and support the generation of motivations for visiting the town.