Employees of the German-Spanish Astronomical Center (CAHA) Calar Alto Wednesday has focused against the headquarters of the entity during the last day of strikes that have been involved for a week against the cuts applied by CSIC and Max Planck in the center of the 60 percent of the budget, so that after complaining expect the executive committee to reconsider its next meeting in “drastic cut” Observatory.

Así lo ha trasladado en declaraciones a los medios el jefe del departamento de Astronomía y responsable de comunicación del CAHA, David Gaładuś, who pointed out that in the next days meeting additional committees established by the entity is provided –including economic committee– to analyze the impact of the reduction in the budget.

In this, workers expect the committees involved in the operation of the observatory's top continental Europe for broader budget 1,6 million per year set up 2018 by the executive committee. “We are willing to consider cuts, but nonlethal”, he pointed Galadí, who recalled that before the center had about four million annual budget.

So, by abogado will tend to “optimize” the money invested in the installation instead try to “liquidarla”; an aspect that assume if no restrictions are removed accounts, this year are 2,2 million.

Equally, Galadí has ​​defended the cuts not only affect the wages of workers who are “below the average of any observatory in the world”. In this sense, one of the doctors in astrophysics “who spends half his life outside his house at night and working well” He said that he charges a 1.700 Monthly euros.

The head of the CAHA Astronomy shown so contrary to the words of the deputy Government in Almería, Andrés García Lorca, who advocated adjustments in wages and showed accordance with the budget 1,6 million per year for the center, because it allowed the scientific-technical center operation amounts “sufficient” for “maintaining the structure”.


Galadí also rejected this approach and has stressed that the cuts have already “impaired” production capacity data for scientific research since Calar Alto, following the non-renewal of one of his employees, there “nights when they are not producing observations”. “So far it is causing us to produce less data against our will”, he noted the researcher.

Despite this, observatory spokesman has said that employees feel “supported” by political parties, unions, universities and institutions at all levels except for those “make the decisions”, with what has been drawn directly CSIC and Max Planck as “the only ones who are against” how workers propose.

Shouting 'CSIC, Max Planck, cambiad and your plan ', over half of hundred employees accompanied by amateur astronomers and the PSOE political representatives have spoken for an hour on the last day of strike. The workers return to their jobs Thursday after sunrise.