The XXII Meeting of Huércal-Overa crews held on Sunday 3 December

Snapshot of a previous edition.

Snapshot of a previous edition.

The municipality of Huércal-Overa hosts next Sunday 3 December the XXII Meeting of crews "Juan de Dios Alcolea" one of the events leading up to Christmas indicating that this is very close.

Mayor, Domingo Fernández, Councilwoman Culture, Belen Martinez, and the director of the folk group Songs and Dances Virgen del Río de Huércal-Overa, Event co-organizer Cristóbal Salvador, They have presented the details of this event with the participation of crews souls of Aledo and Uncle John Rita, The Auroros of Lorca, Cuadrilla de Fuente Alamo and the host of Huércal-Overa, which they will show of music and dance of the earth.

New this year the transfer of part of the meeting to the districts specifically in this edition to Santa Maria de Nieva where from the 10:00hours pasacalles be held, traditional breakfast and reception and Mass sung by gangs "what we want is to bring our traditions precisely those places that have always been protagonists, our parishes have been cradles of gangs and them back to live with his people are part of our folklore ".

In the afternoon return to theater performances Huércal-Overa villa where from the 16:30 hours participants will put on stage the best of his dancing and his singing.

The councilman of Culture invites residents of the municipality, border region and to participate in this act that we preserve part of our traditions and we also want them known and involve young people so they are not lost provinces ".

The director of the Folkloric Group Virgen del Río noted that Huércal-Overa is what opens the calendar of meetings ahead of Christmas, a day in addition to enjoy the singing and dancing enjoying coexistence "sharing stories and experience between generations who bring us our folklore".