The nursery “The Espilo” will be managed by the Association “Rails”.

This new cooperation agreement, concerns the extension of the above Convention signed by the Commonwealth and the City, in this case giving to the Foundation “Rails” Nursery use "The Espilo", in order to develop in him a Special Employment Centre Multiple Services "All World". This agreement, became apparent consent so that they can be performed in the Nursery activities or programs for development purposes and areas of action of these institutions.

The foundation “Rails”, pledged to promote the employment of Persons with Disabilities of the Shire of Marble and Alto Almanzora Almeria province, as well as, manage, develop and implement projects that are promoted from the Foundation for the care of people with intellectual disability and any degree-, aimed at the socio-sport insertion, social inclusion and improve quality of life.

The foundation “Rails” Marble and Almanzora for Persons with Disabilities is an organization which began the 25 May 2013, is a social nonprofit organization, declared of public interest and promoted by 3 employers, the Regional Association of Support for People with Disabilities "All World", the Sports Club "Lanes" and the Club Deportivo Comarcal "San Marcos" for People with Intellectual Disabilities and people who share a common goal, social inclusion and improving the quality of life of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities. The Foundation has its headquarters in the city of Macael coverage and gives its services to all people with disabilities in the municipalities of our region

Now, the "All World" Association, manages the Occupational Center "Lanes" and "Day Care Unit" Mark "in Macael and sports clubs, "Rails" and "San Marcos", in charge of the sports area, among others. The purpose of the Sports Club "Rails" is to promote and develop competitive sport and Sports Club "San Marcos" is the encourage participation in sports activities in the category of skills and adapted people with intellectual disabilities in the regions of Alto Almanzora Marble and Almeria.

The principles and main functions from the Foundation are conducting, with the set of activities and actions set its action plan are to inform, guidance and training to people with disabilities and their families, promote their integration and facilitate their personal development, social and labor, defend their rights and promote equality of opportunity and community awareness, inter alia.

The most immediate projects that today are in the process development and execution by the Foundation “Rails” They are the creation of a Special Employment Center, opening and opening of the Day Care Unit "San Marcos", expanding squares Occupational Center "Rails", the construction of a new Center for Training and Employment, opening a Private Adults for users who have difficulty with standard family life and social and recreational integration and the creation of Sport Schools for People with Intellectual Disabilities, inter.

Signing agreement of all the parties to this Agreement of Collaboration, Foundation “Rails”, HE. City Council and Association of Municipalities Lucar Almanzora Valley, seal is achieving one of the most cherished projects of the Foundation “Rails”, develop in the Nursery "The Espilo" the Special Employment Center Multi-Service "All World".